The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

I think going to NY autoboosts you to WT5, at least I am lead to believe that’s what the tutorial will advise once talking to the helo pilot. Which makes me wonder if there is any particualr value in the WT grind if it is just that and there are no other missions I miss out on that can’t jus be done later at lvl40 (which I assume then scale appropriately).

That is to say, I am enjoying the gameplay, but would probably prefer to continue enjoying it on a journey to 40, rather than risk burning out on grind that turns out to not really offer much value and just contains content that can be done at 40 anyway…

Normal progression is level 1-30 → WT 1-5 → WONY (level 31-40) → SHD level 1 to infinite.

You can skip it anytime by going to New York, at least if you have an upgrade ticket that will automatically upgrade any character to be eligible for WONY (one came for free with WONY). You can redo all the WT1-5 missions in DC again after you come back from NY, but they are in rotation week to week so you won’t get to see all WT1-5 missions on any given week (unlike if you follow the normal progress, you play all of them sequentially).

WT1-5 missions are like normal missions, except the enemy is Black Tusk, which is the end game enemy. You aren’t missing much though because the mission structures are pretty much the same (with some minor variations).

PvE you get matched to people from all levels, so in WT1 you can play coop with someone with SHD level 3000, and the game will normalise the stats (that level 3000 guy will still blitz through your WT1 content tho). PvP IIRC there are three bands: Level 1-30, WT1-5, Level 40+ = SHD level. You only play with people in your band, with normalisation (i.e. Level 27 can be matched with a Level 15 guy, but the Level 15 guy will have a stat boost in PvP.)


Gosh, I really loved Division 1 and 2 but best at the lower levels before everything became a bullet sponge. My son and I got frustrated with bosses that took entire boxes of MG rounds.

Yeah, same here.

Hey, apparently one more Clan level to go and we get our own Beret with Headset :)

Almost tempted to reinstall this for the lulz.

I only started playing Warlords of New York recently and I must say, it’s nicer than the Base Game. So, if you have not, give it a try!

So we have a new member who did a lot of heavy lifting to get us the beret we desperately need. Thanks! Now who may that person be in this forum???

And sorry, I have been away from the game for a bit, but just getting back into it this weekend.

I’d put this in its own thread, but who knows how many years away this game will end up being.

One of my biggest problems with Division 2 was how it was as if they learned nothing from the post-release development and improvements of the first game. They improved the game dramatically and then Div2 launched in an alternate reality where none of that post-release work ever happened.

I wonder if Division 3 will follow the same pattern.

I had no idea about this until I read this post about a new Div 3. For a game that has a strong following, I am very surprised. What are they thinking with such a quiet announcement?

Meh, if they don’t care about it enough to make a splashy launch, I don’t care enough either.

In other news, QT3 clan in TD2 is back to level 30, just like the old clan. The clan number is way down but I’m happy to help level people up and/or squad up to tackle legendary missions.

I loved the first Division and played a ton of it, but somehow I never got in to The Division 2. Not sure if I was just burned out on the formula at that point. Potentially interested in The Division 3 depending on what they’re planning to do with it.

I love The Division 2, but there’s only so many times you can replay the same damn missions over and over again.

Notice the beret.

First time following a game franchise? :D

This is SOP in game industry, and it boggles my mind too fwiw.

It was my buddy (ZipD, not in this forum) whom I invited to play with me. We both did a lot of missions together, then work took my attention away while he continued on and got us the beret.

So I’m playing through this again, but this time with the girlfriend in co-op. She’s having a great old time, but it takes ages to get anywhere on foot as she insists on exploring every alleyway, store, rooftop, building site etc that we happen across.

Anyway, remembered that there was a Qt3 clan and although we haven’t gotten to the mission where you can unlock the Clan stuff at the WH I’m hoping we’ll get that done this evening.

Never signed up for a clan in TD2, do I just need to search for QTT (like in @Soma’s picture a few posts back) and click join?

To be fair, exploring the cool map is half the fun!