The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

You are not wrong. The girlfriend is constantly impressed by the level of detail while just wandering, as am I. It really is a very good looking game world.

We managed to join the clan eventually, thankfully I don’t have to wear that yellow and blue beret while out gunning down civilians in the name of law and order… :D

Yeah, I try to ignore the rather odious ideological backstory and context in which these Division games wallow, because the moment to moment play is very good, and because it’s pretty over the top and unsophisticated–hardly serious propaganda stuff. But it does bug me, for a lot of reasons.

Welcome. I’ve added both of you as Agents, so you can recruit other peeps if you want. If you need help power leveling give me a shout (but it looks like you and your gf want to take it slow).

Joining a clan gives you extra bounty missions and an extra vendor with high quality gears. Buying the beret is optional (OF COURSE IT ISN’T, IT IS MANDATORY!!!111).

I joined, if it is the clan I think I joined; Cathar_Boy is the in-game name. Haven’t played in ages, so I can’t tell whether some things are looking the way they should. For instance, everything seems a bit washed out, and with a sort of almost yellow-ish tint? Of course, when I logged in it was night and foggy, so I will probably have to wait until bright daylight to really tell.

And I have no idea what anything does or which stats are important or even how my existing loadouts work! I am wondering if I might just start a new agent to refamiliarize myself, heh.

Welcome back. There is some issue with graphics issue with HDR if you change some graphics settings, but a restart will clear it up.

Probably no need to start a new character? Doing the seasonal event probably can get you back on the horse. PvE skill build is the way to go.

I just turned off HDR and it looks 100x better, back to where it should be.

I have two characters at like 47 or something. Gonna have to strip them down and figure out what to build with what I have I think.

I actually like the low-level leveling play a lot, and it’s been a while since I did it, so if I get bored I might do that anyhow :).

Do you jackholes not realize that I have dozens of other games to get back to and solo ttrpgs to try to start and hundreds of flies to learn to tie? Bumping threads about ‘cool’ or ‘fun’ or ‘interesting’ games (especially ones I own and have enjoyed previously) isn’t helping my fomo one bit. Shame!

I think I had this experience in at least one other Ubisoft game.

Valhalla for me did the same. Oh and I hate you all as I m reinstalling this now. Never played much of number 2 so why the hell not! Loot shooter sounds perfect right about now and I almost reinstalled borderlands 3 last night but man am I burnt out on those.

I mean, the game is dumb AF in many ways, but it nails the 3rd person cover shooter formula + loot pretty much dead-on. The physical game world is great too. Maybe not as gripping atmospherically as the original’s New York in winter, but pretty excellent. As long as you don’t engage your brain overly much.

Thanks @Soma I appreciate it. I may even give the bright yellow and blue beret another go, despite the stifled laughs it draws from the gf every time I’m running around with it on heh.

Yeah the cover and shoot mechanics are really polished and fun to play, it’s very slick. Moving from cover to cover by aiming the cursor and holding the A button on controller is really well done. It even shows you the path you’ll take.

Great point about the game world. We played Outriders in co-op before this and it was good fun and looked nice, but the level of detail in the TD2 world is on another level. The gf was eminently impressed with it and is always commenting on it whenever we discover some new area that’s packed with detail.

Wow, I definitely either have forgotten how to play this, or have fallen waaaay behind the power curve. Trying to do one of those “Classified Missions,” one where you go into a nightclub turned drug lab. Got to the final bit facing off with the boss and her henchman. Died multiple times and at best got the henchman down.

I probably should have switched to some other tools I guess, because the chem launcher oxidizer, which I hoped would do something about the baddies’ armor, didn’'t do squat. And my assault rifle required so much ammo to make a dent in these suckers that I got shredded trying to do so.

The only thing that kind of worked was the shield plus the double-barreled side arm shotgun, but that involved cheesing it by running into the hallway and peeking out as the bad guys stacked up at the door. Even then, I was so beat up from grenades and stuff that I still died.

This is on Hard, but I don’t recall hard being that, well, hard before!

If you are using a shield, I’d go with a sub machine gun instead. That way you could just spray them with bullet and keep moving around, vs the inaccurate shotgun. As for the other tools, I normally use a drone. The drone will distract them from firing at you and drone seems to be able to withstand a lot of bullets before the go down. If you don’t have a drone, a turret would do the same. Don’t forget you can use “E” to aim the turret and the drone at a target to keep one henchman off you, at least.

Yeah, I used to use a drone or a turret, and should probably go back to those. It’s been a while :).

I have a hard time, too, figuring out which weapons are best. So far I’m going with what I had equipped the last time I played, a long time ago.

Turret and drone skill build combo is basically easy mode for PvE. As long as you are patient (and they don’t rush you), you will mow everything down, eventually.

New update is coming early next year, Project Resolve. It’s “aimed at improving player experience and laying the groundwork for future content.” Impressive that they’re continuing to support the game, and continue to add content.

Yeah, that’s really nice to hear, especially with the threat of a Division 3 looming.

Are these the same people that just finished Avatar? Maybe Division 3 is up next. It’s an awesome engine.

My understanding is that Massive, the studio that makes these Division games, is currently working on Star Wars: Outlaws, which should be out next year. I’m not really sure if development on Division 3 has even started but if it has, it’s probably still early days.

Oh and apparently according to their website, they were the studio behind the recently released Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. I haven’t been keeping up with that one, so I overlooked it.

Even better, if Outlaws avoids shlooterism!