The Division Heartland - Postapocalyptic shooty in middle America

Popped up on the Ubi store this morning, but was taken down soon after.

Will be “announced” at Ubi Forward.

Eh. I enjoyed the gameplay but the premise of these games is not something I’m interested in after the past couple years. I’m willing to see what direction they go at the very least.

So they didn’t give a date for this one? Only “coming soon”?

I just wish they would make a worthy sequel to the original The Division.

Ubisoft keeps trying with these online shooters ,and it never really sticks (Okay, they do have a few rather big ones, but a ton of tries by now)

I like shooters but it’s just so odd when the enemy humans are these incredible bullet sponges.

Looks like Ubisoft is going to livestream an update on the Division franchise, both existing games and up-and-coming stuff like Heartland, tomorrow.

This is the Heartland section… Starts with the intro video then a deeper dive. Lots of spontaneous corporate enthusiasm!

I know this is nothing to do with Redfall, but how many apocalypses does small town America have to face this year?

The looming threat of… dehydration.

I’ll give it a go, for free. All looks fine if a little familiar, but I loves me an Ubisetting.

So, school shootings?

This might sound odd, but that part actually interested me, I perked my ears up. My favorite part of the original Division was the Survival DLC, where you had to make sure you didn’t freeze to death, or starve or dehydrate, while also being shot at by enemies. I’m kinda hoping this game has a return to that style of gameplay.

Breakpoint picked that up too, along with a bunch of sliders to tune the severity. It wasn’t for me but I thought it was a cool idea.

When you say Breakpoint, I assume you mean Ghost Recon? I never played that, is it any good?






Fuck no thank you.

“Action shooter.”

I think you lost me.

quite liked survival mode in the first division and I’m interested in the new rogueish mode for D2.

Well, opinion was divided. I liked it a lot. A lot of people found the setting sterile compared to Wildlands’ Bolivia. It also didn’t have AI companions at first, which they patched in, and was a looter, which they made an optional game mode. It’s a bit like Valhalla in that all the stuff they added over time is now all in the menus, confusing you with config options :) Like I say, I enjoyed it a lot. Often on sale too.

Does it still have NFT shit in it, or did they take that out?

Breakpoint? No, don’t think there’s anything like that.

They stopped their NFT program, but the NFTs they already gave away/sold are in the game for the people that grabbed one. Serial numbered helmets and guns I think.

Oh that’s good, thank you. I was enjoying the game until they instituted that, then immediately uninstalled. Might revisit now.