The Dominion sues The Kraken for (holds pinky to mouth) $1.3 Billion dollars.

This deserves it’s own thread.

Court listener link:

Plantiff’s complaint:

WHEREFORE, Dominion respectfully requests that the Court enter an award and
judgment in its favor, and against all Defendants jointly and severally, as follows:
(a) awarding Dominion compensatory damages of not less than $651,735,000;
(b) awarding Dominion punitive damages of not less than $651,735,000;
© awarding Dominion all expenses and costs, including attorneys’ fees;
(d) granting a narrowly tailored permanent injunction requiring the removal of
all the Defendants’ statements that are determined to be false and defamatory
and enjoining the Defendants from repeating such statements or engaging in
any further deceptive trade practices relating to Dominion; and
(e) such other and further relief as the Court deems appropriate.

I’m going to reuse this thread that never got off since conversation of these suits is scattered about.

The Dersh has been bought in to be in a schodinger’s limbo state of both on and off Mike Lindell’s legal team.

“Our position is that Dominion is the government, for purposes of the First Amendment,” he said. “The government delegated to them the most important governmental function, mainly counting votes in a presidential election. And they are therefore subject to criticism in the exact same ways that the government would be subject to criticism in that situation. And criticism of how the government conducted a presidential election is the highest bar protecting the First Amendment right to criticize such action.”

That seems like a crazy argument.

Crazy like a door knob.

One of the many problems with the Dershowitz argument is that the Defendants are not being sued for criticizing Dominion. They are not being sued for expressing a critical or negative opinion of Dominion. They are being sued for making false statements about Dominion.

I believe that’s when they are supposed to pound the table, no?

Dersh lost it years ago. Sadly, getting rid of a tenured professor at an Ivy League institution is about as hard as getting rid of a Supreme Court Justice. Maybe harder.

The hyper racist, anti Muslim, anti gay, sexist UNC Wilmington tenured professor here in NC who kept making headlines every couple of years wound up offing himself last summer, which was apparently the only way the system was ever gonna be rid of them (he’d already sued his way back into getting a raise once).

Did Dershowitz keep his underpants on during this?

Coca-Cola is the government! Vending machines exist inside of government agencies and without drink people die! Jani-King is the government! They take out the trash to include ballots at the voting places!



Depends on if there was a girl under the age of 18 around.

I’m sorry, side note, but whenever this thread pops up I immediately think it’s talking about these guys.


Edit: I also can’t not read this in Jeffrey Combs’ voice.

So uh, I guess Lindell thought it’d be a good idea to do a live call-in show for the launch of his Geocities page or whatever.

The way his eyes lit up and he pulled his face in real tight when he thought it was really Trump, I though he was gonna snort the phone.

Newsmax fears the power of the Dominion.

I hope Eric Coomer got millions.