The Dominion sues The Kraken for (holds pinky to mouth) $1.3 Billion dollars.

Newsmax fears the power of the Dominion.

I hope Eric Coomer got millions.

Rudy’s suit moves on to the usual motion to dismiss phase.

Mein Pillow guy counter-sues Dominion.

Long thread:

So the Orwell quotes weren’t surprising. However there is one quote in there I did not see coming.

Now-Vice President Kamala Harris

I hope the Secret Service have been alerted to this threat on Biden’s life.

Are they about to go out of business? Why else would they do that? It’s the most stupid and unprofessional thing I’ve read since Sydney Powell. After reading that, no one should ever, EVER consider using that law firm again.

That was some fast acting Karma.

Wow. “Oops” doesn’t really quite seem sufficient here. That’s a hell of a way to crater a career.

Cue countdown to “I’ve been CANCELLED!!!” outrage.

“Late last night, firm management became aware of the filing of the complaint, which was done without receiving firm authorization pursuant to internal firm approval procedures,” a Barnes & Thornburg spokesperson said Friday. “While the firm cannot comment substantively on pending matters, the firm is immediately taking the requisite steps to withdraw as local counsel in this matter and end the client relationship. The attorney representing the client in this matter is no longer with the firm.”

No firm will ever touch this guy again.

Luckily, he can just fall back on the grift.

Perfect image.

This is going on now. Sanctions hearing in the Kraken suit in Michigan.

Edit: They are on a recess at the moment if anyone is trying the link now. This is not going well for team treason.

Edit: Found a better twitter link of someone live streaming it.

Concise summary of how the first couple of hours of this have gone:

I will pay good money for those tears!

They should be starting again in a few minutes. This should be worth watching for the legal schadenfreude. The judge is not taking any bullshit. There are some choice quotes in the twitter threads, but the little laugh the judge gave when they asked to make the recess 20 minutes instead of 10 was wonderful. She looked like she was about to deny the request, and then let out a chuckle and a look of “you’re going to need it” and said sure.

Lin Wood can’t figure out how to mute and turn off his camera as the clerk instructed for the recess so it’s just his head in the corner now over the hold message.

Oops, by the time I finished typing they assembled. Starting.

Lin wood has asked for a few minutes. He is pleading “I’m not even supposed to be here today”.