The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition

Consider this the thread for arranging and managing Dominions 4 Multiplayer games, as suggested in the Dom4 thread!

A kind soul has volunteered to facilitate a game, but if memory serves it is nigh impossible to create a new thread here with <50 posts, so here I am taking my chance to create a thread title that may perhaps live for years in infamy. Or not.

I’ll let Otthegreat take over from here with his thoughts for the inaugural game. FYI, games on QT3 are usually run via Llamaserver.

Feel free to register your interest below. I am sure suggestions for age, map and gamestyle will be tolerated as well.

as they say in my parts, “yip”

I’m still a complete newbie who has trouble beating the AI, but I’d be interested.

I’m interested in participating. I’m open to any map, age, and rules.

Hmm. I last played Dom3 like three years ago, and my Dom4 experience is a single session of less than an hour.

Nonetheless, I am in! Any game needs cannon fodder to feed to the actually talented.

Good turn out so far! I’ll keep a running tally until Otthegreat shows up.

Evil Steve
Tin Wisdom

Probably need at least 4 more to get the ball rolling. And probably even numbers if there is a desire to try a team game.

I’d be interested.

Remember the first rule of Dominions - Kill Dave Perkins first.

Seriously, that’s an important rule. And kill Man second.

Thank you sharaleo, much appreciated! And the thread name is much better than anything I could’ve come up with, as the name of our first game, Dominionsto3 can attest.

Tin Wisdom, I’m in pretty much the same place that you are so I thought we’d keep things simple for the first one.

I’ve usually had fun on the Desert Eye map which would give us space for 7 players if we wanted about 15 provinces per player.
I probably wouldn’t change many of the standard settings (Independents: 5, site frequency: 40, multiples: 100%, 5 ascension points with 5 level 1 thrones, random events common, hall of fame entries 15, score graphs on)
And following the theme of the average, middle era if I recall correctly tends to have more straightforward nations.

Turn times: 24 hour quickhost changing to 48 hours after turn 30 or when a majority of remaining players request it, whichever comes first
Delays will be granted upon request (pm is probably best)

Everything you need to know about llamaserver

As you can probably tell, I’m not set on any of this so feel free to make suggestions if you feel strongly one way or another.

Those signed up so far:

  1. Evil Steve (Asphodel, Carrion Woods)
  2. thither (Eriu)
  3. Telefrog (Mictlan)
  4. Tin Wisdom (Arcoscephale)
  5. Otthegreat (Marignon)
  6. ddtibbs (Man)
    7.DireAussie (Vanarus)
    8.BotBaddict (T’ien Chi)

Any changes to settings, players, etc. will be reflected here.

Yep, you can edit posts, so you’re all good there. I’ll sit this one out though, as I’m barely keeping up with the game I am currently in.

There is already a few guys that have not played much, or not played in some time, so most standard settings should suit, just enable score graphs as they are usually desired. You’ll want an ascension game, but not teams (if you’re having odd players). Rule of thumb around here for Dom3 used to be occupying 3 capitals (including your own) won you the game. Thrones function in a similar way, but are probably easier to capture than Capitals, so probably need to bump that up. Desert Eye with seven players defaults to 7 points worth of thrones. Maybe lower that to 5 and check all the thrones on Desert Eye are worth one point? Not played enough Dom4 myself to know how that may affect game length…

Oh, and come up with a suitable name for your game and add it as a post title. Historically the One Thread of Dom games has had several running at once, so it helps to differentiate which games are being talked about.

Sign me up please! Middle era sounds good. Events common or rare? I’m a fan of turmoil/luck so would prefer common :)

And common it is! That’s seven of us already. That was fast. I’ll give you all a couple of days to confirm your interest, weigh in on the settings, and pick a nation at which point I’ll create the game on llamaserver and you’ll be able to start sending in your pretenders.

please may i have: Asphodel, Carrion Woods?

I’ll try Vanarus

Arco for me, If you please.

Mictlan for me!

I’ll give Eriu a try.

Alright, just waiting to hear from ddtibbs. The game is now up on llamaserver and you can send in your pretender whenever you’re ready.

I’ll have mine in tomorrow.

Er, what’s the game called on llamaserver? I don’t see anything mentioning “stabby stabby” or “qt3”.