The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


Thats not what I heard. I heard that Nazca wants to attack you next, because the undead are the easiest way to get into the sea. And right now in the early part of the game, no one else can, so it would just be Ys vs Nazca. Crippled by the poor income of the oceans, Nazca can walk right over the weak PD that Ys has. Nazca then confided in me that he intends to preach Ys into extinction rather than assault a home castle with fire breathing cavalry.

BUT I also heard that Bandar and Caelum were in talks to cripple Nazca, and the roll up Tien Chi. With sneaky monkeys and map move 3 flyers, the FROZEN BANANA team could take over most of Nazca in a turn or two, and then subjugate the few remaining provinces at their leisure.

BUT WAIT! A flying monkey told me of a plan by Eiru to stealth several armies of thugs and slingers onto the Ys island. Presumably guarded by a massive indie throne to the north, Ys would never expect an attack from that direction. Then, Eiru would be able to attack Ys from the north and south, raiding and sailing to take out any province that offers resistance.

HOWEVER, a butt scratching demon whispered plans of attack while he was sipping grog. According to him, demons were going to attack Pan, marching a massive army up the coast, crushing everything before him. With massed archers, fire, and cold, the minotaurs and satyrs would be defeated before they ever got close.

THERES MORE! A drunken Seraph told me that the current struggle between Nazca and TC is a sham. The combat is to merely gain experience in how to place armies, and script them. Once they are satisfied, they will fall on the unsuspecting neighbors, who have been lulled by the fighting. Truly this is the real reason for the fighting we see today.


Ys has an island?! Silly monkey…


You know I don’t have any fire breathing cavalry defending the home capital right?

Also, this supposed island of mine? I would argue that it is merely the seafloor that has managed to rise above the sea surface at a particular point. Definitely not an island! Nope, not at all…

Seems fair to add also that by playing an underwater nation, I need to incorporate some underwater theming to my gameplay habits. So I pushed aside the local Rum and have unleashed the Kraken. Not the most amazing drop, but still delicious.

Hmm, speaking of Kraken - Conjuration 3, W3, 3 water gems… Hmmm…


Sounds like fancy sushi…


Should be some fighting soon enough to satiate your thirst for blood. Shinuyama’s had enough of the Bandar effluent being drained into their muddy backwaters it seems. We caught and dispatched a group of saboteurs lurking around our sewerage outlets last turn. His bakemonos have been trying to play Stab the Monkey in the Tail for some months now but they keep on shying away. A huge four-armed divinity tends to have that effect on the weak-minded ;)


I don’t think that worked the way you wanted.


I’d kinda disagree…


My poor, lost circus performers took a wrong turn at the sewer. Still, it’s fun to poke the monkey, just to see how much it might spend. As for four-armed divinities, well we are fore-armed. Time to relax, to shy away, to take in that air. ;)


Ah ha! You see, that’s what we WANT you to think.

Or because you now know that’s what we want you to think, perhaps we wanted you to think the other way all along…or knowing THAT…

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten into a land war involving Asia…


To all those who have subscribed to Operation Poke the Monkey: “THE SEWER HAS BROKEN”



Hi all.

I am throwing my head, er hat, into the ring for Dominions MP.
Fair Dom player, newb to MP.

Happy to join as a sub or when the next game starts.



Oh, how I wish I had more scouts.


It appears the sewer was going to get broken anyway whether I had a sledgehammer or not. Good thing I brought one ;)


game hosting delayed by a further 48 hiours with apologies from me, who has come down with the lurgy. this may or may not have something to do with the broken sewer. i’ll endeavour to get it in asap.


Nazca, have you been drinking from the broken sewer as well? Hope its not contagious.


Can I get a 24 hour extension - not feeling well and need a bit more time,



done :)


I dunno about the rest of you, but i think this is a trap…

…or possibly a ruse.


OMG, I just LOVE having scouts available! It’s like i’m seeing the world again for the first time!

And what an interesting world! Secret Agents! Elephants! Mummies! Thugs! and floating undead!


I agree pyrhic. I know it isn’t the way the game is meant to be played, but all I want to do with this game is sit back and spectate more than anything. There’s so much cool stuff around the place.