The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


Don’t let Pangaea blindside you with the sideshow at Shin. The real attraction is at Bandar, where goats crowd around the gates, more or less unopposed. At shin, I merely seek a new home and new lands where the unrest is not yet over 100 due to Pangaea’s spies, locusts and monster boars.


Congrats to Eriu for taking a very nasty looking Throne! And soon to take Nazca, I would assume. Pyperkub looks like he has succumbed to his real world duties, with the litany of stales.

And yes, that was disappointing for that fight on Shin’s home, I thought I was going to see a knock down drag out slugfest. Earthquake cast by Yakshas doing a drive by on flying carpets was not what I expected at all.

Bandar says the real attraction is at his home, but saying that Pan is more or less unopposed means that it wouldn’t be much of an show at all. And there isn’t many monkeys or vine ogres there. THIS CAN ONLY MEAN THAT: I give lots of hugs has had his sight restored and is ready to party!


Yeah, job change has left me with less time to get turns in. Not that I have a lot to do right now.

Definitely didn’t get off to as good a start as the aborted game, and it left me in a bad position. Looked around and TC looked like the only one in about as bad a shape as me - which left me thinking that I had to try for a quick assault. TC got a couple of really timely Soul slays in, as well as a very, very narrow escape by his god, which really turned the tide and left me reeling. It was a gamble which didn’t pay off for me, but in some ways was preferable to the situation in WR1.


I was pretty blown away when I saw that too. Makes for a great visual image!! Man I love this game. :)


It was a little more nasty than i thought, tbh. I expected fewer spring hawks, and forgot the archers were those big Shin ogres with about 30hp. And I didn’t figure the ai would cast fog warriors. For about 2/3s of the battle, i was really concerned I would lose it, as it looked like my forces were being enveloped and encircled. Thankfully my thugs were able to break into melee range before my troops started routing…


Well I guess that’s the 2nd time you’ve crossed me. Once for breaking the 3NAP and now again.

Dear all other nations - you have precedent to break any Tien’Chi agreements in the name of helping Bandar reclaim their lands.


That’s actually quite a nice throne you have there pyrhic. Those thugs are going to be quite the force on your next enemy (please don’t be me!) :)

Oh, the simpler solution is to not have any agreements :)


I fully admit my guilt there - I’ve been poor with my record keeping this game, can’t seem to remember what I exactly agreed to 40-some turns ago, am too lazy to load up old turns searching for the right agreements, and just can’t seem to resist delicious lightly defended territories close at hand.

My diplomacy really is better in games where PM’s are allowed. Really! Cross my heart…

Mea culpa (and maybe this is a symptom of living in Canada too long)…sorry DireAussie! Maybe I should take Strato’s advice. :P


I kind of wanted Pan to take my delicious provinces, then other nations would have greater reason to attack him.

I remain surprised that no other nations have yet assailed Pan given that he’s now deep in my territory and I still have kick in me to help out in a counter attack. The nations not at war still have a great advantage. But soon you will see the small window of opportunity slip away and you’ll be facing an unstoppable Pan-Tien’Chi alliance, each with double the land and gem income of any other nation on the map.


While I am, for the first time in many turns, fighting Bandar on his own territory, he is practicing scorched earth. The Hall of the Monkey King is empty - as soon as I tear down the gate, I will be in. The garrison fled under the waves, while She of the Four Arms traveled south to the last free castle of the Monkeys.

Alas, Monkey King, your pleas will not avail you. These hard bitten veterans of many a campaign, Les Dominion Grumblers, know that its better to strike just after the fight has ended, so that the combatants are spent. Why give them a chance to band together against a common enemy?
No, they know that Pan, Shin, and Bandar are weak. Slugging it out over twenty plus turns means research is down, gold is down, and troop count and quality is down. When elephants bought on turn ten, and bane lords with nominal gear are the best you have, they know they can look afar for better opponents.
They are looking, instead, at each other. Ys, Eriu and Caelum, with shiny armor, fresh research, and green troops, know that whomever take the first leap will suffer. For the others will seize upon that opportunity.

Indeed, this game is just now getting started. In a few turns, Caelum might even stir from his lethargy. Ys might even seize more beachfront property. And Nazca…might live.


Actually, I’ve always been a fan of attacking before the combatants are spent - you see, the spent foe has nothing to offer you in return.


I like this thinking. Many shinies can still be uncovered in the poo-laden Bandar vaults.


I wish I could “like” all of these posts. They bring smiles to my face. My hungry, grinning face.



As of this turn submission, a state of war now exists between Ys and T’ien C’hi.


Wonder if that post would get a like too?


Like! More war war fun fun!


I agree. In a way, it is scary because there’s the hardened TC vets who fended off a Nazcan incursion and boldly strode into the monkey’s jaw by taking Bandar lands. Then there’s the Ys troops still a little shaky on land and unsure of what they are doing.

One huge admission with this game is that scouting is hard! I actually had to build a fortress underwater just so I could recruit scouts every so often.


Wow - that was quite the battle in Bandar. Blind people everywhere!

Actually, I’m visualizing that battle and…it’s kinda creepy.


“Are you sure?”

The question hung solemnly in the dark, dank, room that was the office of the Eriu Exchequer. Maybe all such offices in all the realms were dark and dank, and if so, maybe it’s the nature of the denizens of these kinds of offices to seek out such space. Or perhaps, these kinds of spaces are the best of what remains after all else has been allotted to the more…social…government organizations.


The response, like the individual uttering it, was short, certain, and carried more than a hint of malice.

“Well, can your records possibly be wrong?”

This question hung in the air for a moment and was quickly engulfed by the room and the Chief Exchequer. His steely glare and barely concealed snarl was all the answer that question was getting. Nothing in the Chief Exchequer’s office was wrong. If he said it, it was correct. If he recorded it, it was correct. And if if came out of this dank, dark, claustrophobic office, it was most certainly correct. People would sometimes joke that if there was ever a dispute between the Eternal Goddess Kilt it, and the Chief Exchequer, people would lose faith in the Goddess. Thankfully, that has never happened, with the joke ending that the Goddess was just too smart to dispute with the Chief.

“Well, maybe they considered the territories we seized as compensation enou…”

The reply cut him off before his sentence could even be completed; “Those provinces were legally liberated from the Nazca Republic. Under standard articles of war, they are domain of the conqueror and thus cannot be gifted, exchanged, or otherwise used as compensation.”

The room seemed like it hung back, and if it could, it would be smirking at this contest of wills. The outcome was decided before this exchange ever even took place.

“Well, uh. Then, I shall go tell the Goddess at once and her diplomatic corps will get on it. Thank you, sir!” And with a sharp salute, and quick turn of heel, the Chief Army Adjutant of Eriu departed the dank, dark room. With his departure the room seemed to be darker, even more dank, and strangely, happily content, if rooms could be said to have emotions. The Chief Exchequer just smiled grimly and went to his Ledger to look at his note one final time. Yes, he thought, the Empire of T’ien Ch’i WAS late in its compensation for Eriu’s assistance in the Nazca war. He quickly scrawled a note logging the visit before taking the tome to a plush, dark purple chair in the darkest corner of the room: His favorite chair. And there he sat, opening the tome again and smiled as his eyes started pouring over his notes.

Yes, what a lovely Saturday.


“Are you sure?”

The messenger nodded nervously. He wasn’t sure if the sweat beading on his brow was from his anxiety or from the fiery heat of the kitchen woks. The Fire Elemental line cooks stirring the ingredients probably didn’t help the temperature here either.

“We already sent them their monthly order of 2000 egg rolls, 50 hot and sour soups, and 20 kettles of my chicken!” The man in the tall white hat and chef’s apron was getting redder and redder by the second - and with him the messenger was quite sure the color wasn’t due to the heat. General Tso, as with most chefs, wasn’t the most patient man around.

“Yes sir…but the Eriu convoy leader is saying it doesn’t count as payment unless there’s potatoes with the chicken as well. French fries would do…” The messenger cringed inwardly at memory of the General’s reaction when he was forced to add Guinness to the MaPo Tofu Sauce, and beef to the egg rolls. The fusion cuisine that developed in King’s Hill and Wide Grove, two T’ien Ch’i territories currently “managed” by Eriu, had produced some tolerable dishes such as Lamb Stew with Five Spices, but this…this wasn’t going to end well.



A cleaver shivered where it had embedded itself in the wall, just above the messenger’s head.

“That’s it. I’m going to see The Good Earth about this…insult to the world of cuisine. The abominations Eriu insists on creating must not be allowed to continue to see the linings of men’s stomachs!”

The messenger shook his head as he watched General Tso lead his kitchen staff off to camp headquarters. This was definitely NOT going to end well for those drunken barbarians…