The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


I’m going to need a 36 hour extension. Had to rebuild my laptop (w/o D4), and I won’t be able to get to my desktop until sometime Sunday (PST).


Postponed 48!

The browser thought 24 (hours) was the username associated with the password, and rather than bother to look the thing up, i just did 24 x 2…figure you could use the extra time incase something goes wrong :)


This pretty much sums up what is going on in Nazca


From the book, it looks like he is “lost in time and space. He might return later, not at all, or completely insane.”

While I love this part of the game, I wish my guys wouldn’t arbitrarily decide to leave the battlefield through such unorthodox methods. I mean, we had a great spread set up for the after party celebrations, complete with some new bananas!

And thanks pyrhic for extending. I’ve been a bit busy.


btw… who is stealing my artifacts? :P


Are you sure you didn’t script it? Sounds like a bug since the AI should never cast it on its own.


Yep, I scripted it. I blame the dark influence of @pyrhic, making me try these delicious IPAs while I’m doing my turn.

Thankfully, the first Octoberfest beers are coming out, so my scripting should be much better.


I’d have thought Nazca would have died already from no candles? Then I see just one candle maybe, bravely battling against the tide of Eriu in the capital. Unless of course 142 (Candle Road) is aptly named for the other bastion of Nazcan dominion.


There must be some quiet negotiations going on, since TC is not being attacked as quickly as I would have thought.

Perhaps I should go for it before any others, I could win real quick if I take TC as well as Shin… hmmm…

And very ironically, both Bandar and Pan got a random militia event, right next to each other. I think they should slug it out!


I’ve had a few difficulties in real life lately which have reduced my engagement with this game.

If you want to make the push for TC capital, then you will be at war with TC, and at war with Ys. How far can you spread yourself?

There is an army in the former TC fortress ready to move. What hinders me is a mind that isn’t concentrating as much as I would like on the task at hand, and organising items, spells and army set up in a logical, coherent manner, in part thanks to a UI that I’ve grown accustomed to, and a UI that also aims to be a road block all too often.


Ha! You know far more that you let on! It is true that DireAussie is causing me a SLIGHT AMOUNT of trouble. Merely a flesh wound, don’t you know.
Indeed, my musings over attacking a heavily defended, last gasp defence, only to get hit by a 500+ army with a full communion going on, led by Field Marshal Monty-core, are merely musings. I still have to deal with someone who likes to get close and hug.


Hi, can I please have a 12 hr extension? Turn has crept up on me and I won’t be home until about the time it hosts. Thanks!


Actually, can we make it 24?


extended 24hr


An unusual event - naked women knocking on my doorstep believing that Pan is the true ascendant to Godhood. Normally I’d be fine with naked women on my doorstep. But in Dominions, no thank you!

There’s only one thing we do with non-believers like that. Ask them to leave quietly…


Thats one thing that I always wondered about that random event. Sure, Maenads randomly appear, same as the Ashen Empire random attacks. I am not sure if any other nation has those random attacks. But with Ermor, there is a spell that causes some zombies to rise up and attack a province, so you are never really sure if it was a random event or not, if Ermor is close by.

With Pan, there is no spell that randomly causes Maenads to attack, with the possible exception of the Wild Hunt, which everyone knows when its up. You would think that Illwinter would put a spell like that in.

I have to say thank you very much, and I appreciate your kindness to a certain someone in the game. Not, of course, Evil Steve, who still holds out in an underwater lair, cackling and gloating as he plans his comeback…




Man, I really need some underwater scouts. I think I’m missing some of the action… may have to summon a Black Servant or 2 just to see, as I fart in the general direction of Eriu


That was most impressive, @Pyperkub. Let see, you did:
Anti magic
A big communion
Orb Lightening
Iron bane
maws of the earth
curse of stones
magma eruption
fire flies
skeletal legion

By the middle part of the battle, so many Eriu goats and black hawks were on fire, I thought your Darkness should have been dispelled.
Congrats on escaping your imprisonment, but Eiru was besieging you with his crap troops. Wait till the elites show up.


Eriu, I fart in your general direction. Now go away, or I shall be forced to taunt you a second time!