The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


Ys, I strongly encourage you to site search a certain province for nature sites. I took a look at the listing of sites, but didn’t find any that encourage random attacks by 2 dryads and a bunch of maenads. And I dont even have dominion over that province. Weird…


I’m onto your nefarious plan of having Ysian scholars stop reading books and go hunting the countryside! Nay I say. Also, there has been sufficient nature searching done (N4).

But really, I know it has nothing to do with you directly. Here’s the story for everyone.

There are two events in the game where I come under attack from “Pangea.” The first requires a minimum population of 1000, must be in forest and have growth scale of 3. MA Pangea must be a nation in play. Alternately, the event can also trigger from a forest province, with Pangea in play and due to some other event. Either way, this particular event causes Pangean troops to spawn and attack. Thankfully both times it has been against a Fort site, so little consequence to me.

Both times it has occurred is a result of events from the previous months. In one case, I think it might have been from the Fertility festival, maybe. In the second instance, I can probably assume it was because the previous month I had a Spirit of Summer event occur. Neither is due to any act from Pangea, nor is it due to any special site present, near as I can tell at least.


It is perhaps the least interesting graph, or perhaps, the most apparent, but still I understand some people might doubt Eriu when it talks of knowing such things. Of course, if you doubt its accuracy, i implore you to check it against your own graphs


Nah, I believed you had the info, but there is the cynic in me who does question what I am told vs what is real.

I do wonder what event will set the world afire. What I do expect is that once a nation goes to war with another nation, a cataclysmic reaction will occur and the other two nations will join in some brutal knife fight to the death.

Hopefully as we do our turns we can hum along to this:


We can grapple with several things, but one must still be forefront: Pan has 3 capitals and needs only one more to win.


Speaking of Pan fried goodness, I have been and will continue to be away for the next few days. Pleas for postponing will hopefully be dealt with by others.

And @pyrhic, everyone is aware of Pan’s provinces and cap count. Its been like that since before turn 70. And the only change has been you seizing a Pan province last turn and instigating uprisings with your bards. I wonder what Pan will do about that.


You know, I genuinely owe you an apology(and I’m being completely honest here). I really did think that I had owned that territory. I was sweeping up some Nazca and Bandar territories north of Caelum at the same time you were, and I thought I had captured that province. Looking back at my move orders/resolutions and my Sidhe horse stealthed in instead of attacked. It was there the whole time, and later, I saw the Trogs take it, and figured my pd had lost to them. Though my Sidhe was still there, i was loathe to attack them because the trogs still have a trample advantage over the horse and I didn’t want to risk it until I could spare at least another unit(iirc, there wasn’t even that many troggs, i think 5 or so left). As fate would have it, you attacked that very same turn and until now I thought i had always won(then lost) it. Even looking at the replays, I was astounded to see your horns there instead of my harp (and kept going back and back)…really weird, and I’m (genuinely) sorry.

Lol, and the only reason I’m even writing this is because I had written an altogether different response, and at the end, I decided I wanted to put the exact turn in there that I had seized it and so I proceeded to look that up…

So, now your message makes a little more sense to me. Yknow, i might be a dick sometimes, but really, I’m not that kind of a dick :)

It’s also not saying that I won’t go to war with Pan, or won’t attack Pan - but if i do, i’m going to war with Pan - not kick it in the shins, pretend I didnt and then lie about why i kicked it.

This, of course, makes the next bit harder too, because it is also true:

As far as bards and uprisings, I haven’t used bards or anything to instill uprisings anywhere - if I had they certainly would have been caught by the hordes of birds and flying beings this world is lousy with.


Did Caelum turn a little green this month?


I thought the Ice Devils were coming to join me in my nice and Icy domain. I guess they weren’t friendly after all.


Are people okay with postponing until Saturday? I am covering for a buddy at work all week and getting home pretty tired and not up for a 2-3 hour turn right now. I will have a lot more time Friday to think things through.

If people are ready to get going, though, I can put in an effort tonight as best I can :).


NO! You have to do the turn now! MUAHAHHAHAA!!!

Dang it…alright…real life…argh…grumble…

Hosting postponed for qtWyldeRyde2andAhalf by 72 hours. The game will now host at 10:51 GMT on Saturday October 14th.


Dang, @Akaoni I blame you for my turn taking so long!

Talk about putting me on tilt in one turn.


Well, you stopped all NAPs, you haven’t been involved in any combat, have all the Elemental Royalty, have Spentas, Daventas, at least 2 Tartarians, at least 2 or 3 artifacts, and who knows what I haven’t seen!

Gotta get all that stuff into use!


Speaking of that, you can’t seem to cure afflictions on Tartarians with the Chalice anymore :(.


4 hours later… here goes nothing! Hope this doesn’t go poorly.

Oh boy! A 1.7 MB turn file. This should be interesting.


Four hours? And you dont even have a blood economy? Whoa.

Yes, I too am interested. But I wont be able to see it till tomorrow at the earliest…dang family…


Wow! You had some tricks up your sleeve that turn. I give ya props, @Akaoni!

Fortunately, my time was also well spent and should be interesting looking at all the results.

Wow! I won’t spoil it, but it seemed like some of those battles were super close to going either way.


Let me know if you would like to see my latest turn file. There was plenty of Pan and Caelum fighting :).


Wow, Well, I think everything that could have gone wrong for me, did. Its a pity that one of my attacking armies, which was meant for Caelum, was not able to make it over the mountains, so it took on a lesser castle.

Students of history will appreciate my position now, as Japan after Pearl Harbor and Midway. Caelum as the US, and Eiru as the Brits.

Basically, if you are going to do a sneak attack, do not rely on wolves. MR of 5 sniff sniff…Well played Caelum. Damnit! :)

Ys, you better get in here if you want a slice of the Pan pie.


I got caught by that mountain pass too. I kept trying to move some guys and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t letting me!

I was super fortunate as I sent all those troops off toward Shin and had enough that I could move back and set Move and Patrol at the Capitol. In all honesty, I was trying to lower some unrest and try to catch a thug or 3 at my cap trying to deny me some income. I had no idea I was going to come up against that sneak army. I was sweating it for sure. I wonder if it hit the turn limit. Also, all those water elementals becoming ice elementals put a lot of chill effects on your army and your casters. I wonder if that had an impact in the end.