The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


I got caught by that mountain pass too. I kept trying to move some guys and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t letting me!

I was super fortunate as I sent all those troops off toward Shin and had enough that I could move back and set Move and Patrol at the Capitol. In all honesty, I was trying to lower some unrest and try to catch a thug or 3 at my cap trying to deny me some income. I had no idea I was going to come up against that sneak army. I was sweating it for sure. I wonder if it hit the turn limit. Also, all those water elementals becoming ice elementals put a lot of chill effects on your army and your casters. I wonder if that had an impact in the end.


That actually was part of the plan. I hoped that you would continue towards shin. No idea that you would be patrolling, I was anticipating just a usual capital pd. And with your forces half way between shin and caelum, I would have time to consolidate on both.
Ah well. You know I still have 2 schools at 0 research in order to get to 9 alteration? Ugh.


Actually, i stylize myself more as a Brazil


Still struggling with my gaming rig - thinking either the CPU water cooler failed, or it just needs more thermal paste. But yeah, I’d love to see what’s going on!


I see myself as the Ottoman Empire around the time of WW I - going on the offensive only to get completely smacked down and retreating to lick my wounds as the days of Empire dissolve…


I want to say I’m an Aussie, but I have no idea what sort of reference that would have in a WW2 scenario. The underdog that needs saving from an unexpected ally? As if. I’m the second largest nation based on pyrhics graph, even if my land claims were on a downtrodden TC whom I feel bad for, and a brief landgrab against Bandar when I went into a war I had no place in. Truth be told, I probably feel more like Italy. Don’t read too much into that though.


I have not seen the results of the latest turn. In which, of course, my massive legions march forward to inevitable victory, regardless of birdmen, sneaking cavalry, or the life aquatic that are currently running amok in my provinces.

But I do have to say, as we get closer to the release date of Dominions 5 (sometime in November), my interest in this game is waning. Anyone else?


I am definitely ready for the new version to breathe some new life into the game.

I am still enjoying our current game, but some days/weeks I am just too busy to dedicate the time I want for each turn. If I have plenty of time to consider what I want to do, then all is good, but when I feel rushed or short on time, it is quite uncomfortable.


My interest is waning only for the fact that I have a lot going on at the moment in real life and like Kelan, I don’t always have the time to devote to thinking, pondering and crushing all my oppositions. I know I’ll get Dom 5 on release, but I won’t be available for a new game anytime soon! Need a break :) Until then, I’m devoted to this game and will do all I can to win.


My interest isn’t waning, I’m trying to win. Unfortunately, as the (arguably) fourth strongest nation out of four nations, the best strategies available to me tend to favor the passive.


I hope they come out with an observer mode in Dom5! (Is there actually going to be a Dom 5?)


yes, out in november, last i heard…


To me, this is a fascinating game - like a game a chess where all the pieces are obscured, and the board arrayed in 3 dimensions. On this plane, a game of cat and mouse is evolving, some pieces are sacrificed, some pieces revealed. Over here, is this a feint, a diversion, or something else? And there, a king moves - a curious move for such an inconsequential square; does it tell us something is amiss about our appraisal of the square, of the strength or resources of the opponent, or is there something else going on? And finally, a look to the board apparently absent any movement at all - yes, that too is full of questions. And to ourselves, a need to shift resources, a reappraisal of logistics, and the realization that a key piece is ill-located.

And above that are the big questions, what unique summons might still be available, where are all the artifacts, and which globals are vulnerable?

Welcome, also, Caelum, to the board of heroes: It has been the domain of Eriu and Ys for far too long…well, at least, on the side of the board that has not cast off the mortal coil.


My dear @pyrhic , you dissemble in your words. Goading and hinting, you hope that someone will reveal the crucial nugget of information that will win you the game! Its almost as if your passive state is not the lure of the spider with a web, but the call of an old wolf who knows his energy is limited.
Alright. In my benevolent state (Dragons Milk is a great beer) I will help you.

There is possibly 2 Water queens not summoned - Caelum has at least one.
Caelum has all 3 AIr queens, at least one Fire King, the King of Banefires, and at least 7 of the nine Daevas, plus a few more. Some of them are kitted out with artifacts. @Kelan made sure the others have toys as well.

Pan used to have an Ice devil, and an earth king. Morale in cold places sucks.

I assume from the one earth attack a turn you are kindly sending my way, you have found yourself an Earth King.
I also deduce that money is tight, because there is no army following up these Sidhe Lords that my maeneads are killing (15:1 ratio is quite acceptable to me). And they are not kitted out that heavily, so your heart really is not into it, I feel.

If I were you, I would cast my eyes upon those below the waves, and those in the mountains. While your bards preach in my taverns, Ys has taken Shin, and is adjacent to Nazca, and one amphibious turn from Eiru. Which cannot be defended by more than 50 or so black hawks, based on how amorously they chased my harpies. So which will you lose, Eiru? Ys benefits from a central maneuver position, supported by Golems that can raid or lead the communions. I doubt you can defend both. And losing your home will probably also free up a global spot!

(Fun fact - my Mother Oak caster actually visited Caelum, but I realized who he was before my Stalingrad moment and sent him home).

And if Caelum ever stirs from his roost, those artifact kitted out uniques are going to be pretty interesting to face. I am feverishly working to upgrade my Leech to a Nose for a Nose…no, thats not right. Its something like that, though.


He hears the silence howling,
catches angels as they fall.

And the all-time winner
has got him by the balls.

He picks up Gideons bible,
open at page one;
I think god she stole the handle and
the train it won’t stop going,
no way to slow down.


ugh, that’s a turn i wish i had back. Was tweaking some moves while multitasking playing hearthstone and i made a pretty significant blunder. Double-checking some final moves, i noticed that a caster reset the spell i wanted him to cast - i figured it was cause i had adjusted the commanders items. So i reset the spell i wanted cast and just moved on…When the turn played out, i realized that the commander i had ‘reset’ was actually the wrong one. Inadvertently, I had cast wind-ride from the wrong province, and pulled the commander I wanted to pull to a place where his ‘reception party’ was not. Of course, being a thug, he laid waste to my pd and took the province…grrr.

Also, Ys - sorry about the attack. Your birds found a guy i was transiting through the area and he took the province. I know that happens rarely, but i wish they’d fix that interaction because i dont think it’s the right one. If a hidden troop is found, i don’t think they should seize the province if they beat the patrol/pd - i think they should just be driven off (chance to stealth to a neighboring province, or restealth in the current one). “Hey, i know we’ve been told to maintain a low profile here, but the locals found us, so after killing them, we decided we should liberate this place for ourselves!”

double grr…


No worries pyrhic, nothing of value was lost :)


Actually, looks like i cast the spell properly after all - it seems the recipients destination isn’t necessarily the casters location…gotta love unreliable magic :)



While I search for more Wrath of Khan gifs, I have to note a couple things:

Work has been very busy, I only had time to gloat about killing a bunch of wizards and bemoan the loss of a Pan before I had to stop. So I am going to bump forward the timer by 24 hours.

Pan no longer holds 3 capitals.

Caelum, the one with the most impressive armies, (sorry Ys, a bunch of crabs and a golem doesn’t cut it), staled last turn.