The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition

I think you picked too soon, AFAIK you get the last pick for your second pick. I thnk the bone clan has yet to make their second pick

I put up a separate thread for the QTtheHill game here

This thread seems a bit convoluted after 66 pages…

Eh? I checked above that we get 1st and 6th pick

And if I understand correctly, the map will be modified with fixed start locations, and we will get last pick of these

Whoops (I guess). I was expecting serpentine so that team 6 didn’t go last throughout. Ah well.

This is what evens it up. Team one gets last pick here (although I’m not familiar with the mechanics of how this works - guessing theres a map mod command that does this)

Ah, thank you! I knew there must be a name for that selection method when I was curious a couple of days ago.


Quick update - I’m still discussing the state of the game with players. I’ll keep the game paused until this is complete.


Ok, it sounds like there is a consensus. Its a bit tricky trying to get a handle on the state of things when you aren’t part of the game, what we really need is a spectator mode!

The world trembles and concedes rather than continue to be crushed by a dominant force. So I can now formally declare the winner as… Gath!

Shall I post a list of players/nations, or do the players wish to reveal themselves? Or anybody want to post their guesses about who is who? :D

Congratulations Gath! I just wish I could log back in and see what happened to my poor Marignon and the no good, horrendous start! Thanks for letting me tag along a bit vicariously everyone!

Congradulations Gath!

And I think we should post our guesses on who was who before you do the reveal :)

Guessing will be good. Give it a few days at least. And congratulations Gath player.

Congrats Gath!

I would recommend you don’t close the game just yet - that way if marignon (or anyone wants to see the board position), they can access the game.

My guesses:

Ragha: Akaoni
Gath: Dire Aussie

I never really had any idea about any of the others…

Yep, I was going to leave it open.

Is it correct that, if we allow the last couple of turns to play out to a victory condition (Gath is very close), then the game will activate score graphs on the final turn it sends out? So everyone can see what was going on (I’m quite curious too)

yes - that will happen if it ends that way (as opposed to just ending if you declare it ended).

how about we guess per nation? otherwise we’ll just out ourselves if we take a broad stab.

Or you could include your own nation in the guesses with a deliberately incorrect player to make it even more confusing :D

Gath has this turn in. If you force-host it now, then let Gath get their next turn in, then force-host again then Gath will achieve victory and we can post the score graphs!

Congrats to Gath! Like everyone else, I’m dying to know who was who. Let’s get the score graphs up! :)

Spoken like someone that knows Gath…