The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


or a simple idiotic error of a misclick…


Perfectly reasonable. Moving stealthy guys around can be a nuisance. No need for recompense, I’ll retake in the following turn or two.


@Evil_Steve -alright we need to coordinate on this huge monkey army that is probably going to squat on my poor lonely castle next turn. Which better hold out for that turn… Am I correct in noting that Bandar razed a castle of yours? The one taken by a half dozen monkeys? It seems that he could take the northern route around the lake of Fearsome Shrimp and try and join up with his pretender, who is busily summoning Ganas, Bane Lords, and directing the construction of yet more Frost Brands.


Well I keep trying to play with him, but he’s as slippery as a stool in a cholera outbreak. So yes, the monkeys could be heading north after razing that castle. Maybe, I’ll follow? Maybe, I’ll go play with the monkeys somewhere else?

Fun times!


A lone little monkey doesn’t seem quite as fearsome as a dryad and goblin taking wedding vows.


How can you say that when countless Dryads have lost their lives to bananas as they tried to get closer to the monkeys. The Dryads were totally willing to take wedding vows with various monkeys, but noooo, monkey led Great Eagles and undead decided to kill off the poor, helpless, virtually naked Dryads!

No wonder they are angry.


angry naked dryads; married goblins; slippery stools; fearsome shrimp; lonely monkeys…

what’s not to love about DOM4


Clearly I need to hire more scouts - all this monkey action implies I’m missing out on world events!


or do what I do: hire no scouts and make sure everyone comes to play in your backyard


Sorry about the stale - work/health/home is still a bit crazy. I’m pushing it to stale again, but I should be able to get a turn (or 2) in this afternoon, if I can get a 6 hour extension, that would be great!



No worries, dude!
Hosting postponed for qtWyldeRyde2andAhalf by 6 hours. The game will now host at 01:06 GMT on Saturday June 17th.


Hahaha! Oh my gosh, that goes down as one of the most amusing battles ever. Akaoni, I feel for you at the end there, very unlucky. I lost so many good mages and items but the death of your pretender did make up for it somewhat!


Aw man I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. Hopefully soon…


Heh, lets see, spells used by both sides, frequently on the same turn:
Mass Protection
Fog Warriors
Maws of the Earth
Curse of the Frog Prince ( I think I saw this used on a scorpion summons…)
Creeping Doom
Curse of Stones

In my replay, it just shows my pretender finally succumbing to a paralyze, and he stays like that the rest of the battle. Do paralyzed units die at the end? @DireAussie , how did your replay show he died?
I am not even sure how one of your secret agents died.


Maybe your battle replay got bugged - it isnt uncommon for that to happen for larger battles. It looks like mine is showing correctly what happened since the summary matches what I saw. At the end my bane lord was trying to retreat, then your pretender jumped in front of it and they duked it out for like 20 turns. Eventually my bane lord overcame the regen on your pretender and your army started routing.


I could maybe send you my turn file if you promise not to look at anything else!


I appreciate it, but it’s not necessary. Just curious- this game is so deep, it could be many different things that killed him.

I am dismayed that it takes 50 priest levels to bring him back, not 40.


40, because like elvis, he was so beloved?


also, i sure wish i knew what thehell you all were talking about. I feel i’m missing half this game…


Yes, 40 because he was so beloved, and not because of my faulty memory.

And that’s pretty sad to say if the monkey/goblin/dryad dust up is the only thing going on. I know the mummies and the inscrutables are slugging it out, and as your neighbors, shouldn’t you be watching that?.