The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


How can you see this? I’ve always felt it was somewhat random?


Oh, it is- from the manual, its approximately 50 points. I am just saying 40 because I think that’s what is was with Dom3.

In other news, @pyrhic, this half of the game you are missing is on the other side of the world from you. Caelum would tell you about it, but he is trying very hard not to be noticed.


Wow that was an unexpected battle between Ys and Caelum. Sneaky Caelum, leveraging his blood slave income to summon and Arch Devil and send it under the seas! Very unexpected. Ys was flummoxed for a couple turns, but his Queen of the Seas, wielding a Flammbeau, and her incredible regeneration, made for a long, but inevitable victory. One wonders if Caelum will send the masses of Storm Devils he has summoned against the ether warriors Ys has assembled.


You forgot about that Soul Contract I received as a luck event too! Lots of devils around.


I’m starting to think over half this shit is just made up to make me jumpy…


I was hoping to keep my Queen under wraps!

It isn’t the Ether Warriors that Caelum should fear though.

Also, I think I’m going to need a 12 hour turn extension. It’s more that I need a sufficient amount of alcohol in my veins to plan my next turn. Or sleep. One of the two.


Hosting postponed for SUFFICIENT AMOUNTS OF ALCOHOL for qtWyldeRyde2andAhalf by 12 hours. The game will now host at 03:17 GMT on Saturday June 24th.


And here I thought that research would be harder to come by with the limits on income. You guys have already been hitting royals?!! Ugh!


Just a note that I’ll be away next week: however, I should still be able to get my turns in, and don’t anticipate any problems.

However, if you notice that I’m in danger of staling, and you haven’t otherwise heard from me, kindly assume that something has gone awry and postpone a week (quickhost), that way if i can resolve it, we’ll be back on as soon as I can.


Ah yes, this is the time of year for Pyrhic to retreat to his subterranean lair for his rejuvenation treatments. Jamacian witch doctors, elderly Nazi surgeons, and a handful of Venuatuan shamans gather in the sub levels of the complex, peering intently at holographic displays. Only the best of each cadre are summoned, for the rewards are great, as are the penalties for failure. Sometimes the treatments go well, and sometimes there are …complications. For years, Pyrhic harbored a desire for IPAs after one treatment. It was only cured after an elixir that contained the hair of a chipmunk and the condensed phrases of Bjarni Benediktsson.
Good luck on the operation, pyrhic!


I got leery of Bandar taking his turn in the next hour or so, hence my postponement for 8 hours.


And the thrones keep falling, one by one. Entertaining to watch!

gets more popcorn

Hope all is well pyrhic!


All’s fine…those supyana’s are very nice undead for the early game, but they don’t fancy my horsies…


Multiple cases of epic dysentery (or endemic, I prefer epic) affecting various provinces of my shrinking domain. I suspect monkey poop being flung into the rivers.


‘Woe is me!’ cries the shabby goat. Yet behind the scenes my provinces are ravaged by locusts every turn and seducers corrupt the hearts of the white ones. Fear not, this is but a temporary gain. I won’t last long under the enslaught of both goblin and goat. My research is non existant, as is my gold income from said locusts. The year of the monkey will pass, effluent will clear from the rivers. And from it will arise the power of Eriu and Caelum, unravaged by war as they are, and the goat will wonder why they waged war against those innocent monkeys.


there’s nothing innocent about those cheeky monkeys ;)


Can I get a 6 hour extension. Been swamped but I should be able to get my turn in tonight.


Six hours added to the clock. Hope that it gets better for you soon.


Yes there is! Our innocent monkeys are all cute and fluffy and want hugs. Unless you’re a goblin, then they hiss, revealing rows of carnivorous pincers and they go for the throat!


I’m confused by this play. Which one is the goat? Should I be rooting for the monkey? Is this a charity fundraiser, or just an infomercial?