The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition

Dominionsto3 is my guess, based on the post title.

Oh, right. That’s got the right map and number of players, too. Submitted my pretender.

I’ll have my pretender in later today.

As will I.

By the way, I’m a total noob at Dominions multiplayer, so I had to search for a tutorial on basic stuff like the llamaserver and how to upload a pretender. Just in case I’m not the only one:

There is an FAQ on llamaserver, but it is right at the very bottom of the page. It links to Llamabeast’s guide over at Shrapnel forum.

The Steam one is newer and looks more comprehensive though…

Oh yeah, prevailing wisdom is to not set a password on your Pretender file during creation. Just makes it harder on the sub, if you need to leave the game for some reason.

Is it too late to join in on the fun? I too am a Dominions multiplayer newb, and will have to read through the llamaserver faq. Hoping to crowd in a bit…?

Right, sorry about that. Dominionsto3 is the game name. There’s a link to one of llamabeast’s FAQ’s in the original post but Telefrog’s is better.

Sure BotBaddict we can fit in an eighth, but I’ll cap it there.

Thanks, Otthegreat. I’ll take T’ien Chi…

[EDIT: update]…and my pretender’s submitted. Hey, this is pretty easy so far! ;)

Submitted my pretender.

Pretender submitted as Man. Remember rule #2, kill Man last.

Now you are the top of the list.

OMG, you chose Man?! What were you thinking?!

I don’t even own this game and here I find my name being used in vain.

Congratulations Dave, you earned it! :P

I do feel a little proud. :)

Guess what my pretender is named :)

A useful post for magic path boosting on the official forums:

My pretender is coming soon, New Years got in the way…

No problem Aussie. And we’re off! Good luck everyone, and happy new year!