The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


I didn’t get a chance to see the turn, but yeah I am sure we can work something out. I knew I had a long week to work on something last week, and then forgot the game and rushed it a bit this turn.


I have no doubts! I brought what I did because I was expecting some serious defences. And boy wasn’t there. Turns out that even wind guided mages can’t hit for shit in a storm. Oh those shadow blasts and blade winds were wasted! Really frustrating to see blade wind spam at the end and how ineffective it was.


Sometimes a story is just a story


That was an awesome battle to watch between Ys and TC. That’s the kind of stuff that I play this game for…and trying to kill blind 4 armed giants dancing around with shields :) .


Can I get a 24 hour extension? Should be able to get my turn in today.


Hosting postponed for qtWyldeRyde2andAhalf by 24 hours. The game will now host at 21:03 GMT on Thursday August 10th.


You guys should be proud of me. I have found every one of the monkey provinces with barbarian PD by sending in a lightly equipped thug, who then promptly dies under their hammers.

Eiru, I find your proposal totally acceptable, with the price being one Bag of Winds, in honor of politicians everywhere.

And TC - What was the brilliant plan? I know there had to be a brilliant plan that went awry there…


Is this in regards to the Pretender battle?

All I can say from my perspective is that there is an archer in my midst who deserves a freaking medal. And the event that gave me a free soul contract so many turns ago? Those devils sure did come in handy! No morale check for them.

I’ve since developed an appreciation that when I have commanders sitting back on hold orders, it is much better to just give them a bow and hope for the best. Efficiency you know!

BotB, it was a valiant defence at the fortress, you did well! A shame I had tapped out my gems by that stage, but thanks for keeping the lab. Shall we do round two at the capital? :)

I also got one single, long message from a friend this turn. I completely agree with the terms.


Yes, that was me wondering why the Pretender would pop out alone against a huge army. Sure she had gear and a ton of gems, but it didn’t seem to help against those devils.

I wish I shared your appreciations on commanders…I had a commander, geared for melee, sit back and wait till all the troops were dead, and then decided to go in against a bane lord. She died pretty quickly.


I see now how the Touch of Madness spell is useful. That was an AI-cast and it won me the battle!


Yeah, my scripting was underwhelming for the past couple of battles - i’ll have to go through them and see why some key spells didn’t quite go off as planned. For instance, I can never seem to get my “Iron Warrior” casters to target my intended units, despite placing them in geographical proximity. Or, maybe they did and the effect was underwhelming. Oh well, that’s why I love this game - I learn something everytime!

Such as…don’t send a Pretender in against a huge army. :P Not quite sure what I was thinking, other than “Man, this is going to be brilliant! He’ll never expect it!” :D


So apparently even if you hit a Destroyer of Worlds at least twice with a Bow of Botuf, it has to get through the shields, and if one of them is an eye shield. you lose first one, then the other eye.

And if you combine this with mages ignoring the script to move and Petrify large targets in favor of blowing all your gems on useless buffs, you get yet another 100 kills of Maeneads and Revelers. Sheesh.


Kinda a good thing you have like a million of them then, isn’t it?


I try to be modest about the number of naked women who follow me around, adoring my every step, but yes, I do have a lot. DireAussie’s Destroyer of Worlds has killed a sizable number of them with other assorted creatures, but Pan is a rock band on tour, and the groupies just never stop.


Cull the herd then, the deserving ones will survive!

On my front, i’m very excited for this upcoming turn. See, we in eriu have been baking a little dish we call Nazca pot pie and we think it’s just about done! In fact, this is a little different variant in that it’s something of a surprise pot pie - maybe we’ll call it Nazca pinata pot pie (or maybe Nazca pot pie pinata? No, no…that sounds horrible, like a hundred little pot pies will come thumping out of it). We’re pretty sure he’s been increasing the filling with surprise morsels and undead things. Unfortunately, some of those ingredients have been reinforcing the crust making it very thick and hard to get through. But no worry, we’ll get in there at some point, and when we do - we know it’ll be DELICIOUS!


Well, it worked against me 2x, but the first time you barely, barely escaped and I thought you would learn not to do it…


Old dog. No new tricks. :P

HA! Just noticed this…apparently in my disastrous loss, one of my immortal heroes gained a couple of afflictions. He was wounded and became mute. He also lost his head. (Would those two be related?).

Luckily, my other immortal hero is a healer, so Lu Tung-Ping has regrown his head and is now perfectly fine. :D


Haha, unfortunately this turn has pretty much ended my game. My Destroyer of Worlds will no doubt soon run into your Leech-casting blood mages and meet his demise. Leech decimated my Ghandarvas :(


Doh, I hate/love that spell. Leech is mean!


Sometimes I wonder if I am playing the same game DireAussie is playing. I saw Leech decimate the Ogres, but the Maws of the Earth decimated the Ghandarvas. Many Bothan spies/groupies/naked ladies buffed to the nines died in this battle as well. And I don’t know what happened to my Rishi I seduced a couple turns ago. The battle report said he survived, but I cannot find him among the scattered commanders. An S4 wearing a skull cap for S5, and a ton of astral gems as well! (sniff sniff). And that damned Bloodletting cast a couple times I think did more harm to me than to you, since I think it got rid of the fog warriors on a lot of my troops.

And what happened to “I give lots of Hugs?” After my troll finished buffing and applying the make up, he paralyzed the Destroyer of Hugs no less than 8 times ( I lost count after that), but the Petrify never killed him, as far as I can tell. But I don’t see him in the one province he could have escaped to! Hes got to be there, but he doesnt show. I mean, how hard is it to notice a giant 4 armed monstrosity hidden by four shields and clanking around in full black plate armor? Hes gotta hit the nearest shop for gatorades all the time, he has no endurance! You would think SOMEONE would notice.

Thank god I have enough harpies lying around with extra blood slaves. No more of this Bloodletting…nothing but Leech, baby!