The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


Man, I really need some underwater scouts. I think I’m missing some of the action… may have to summon a Black Servant or 2 just to see, as I fart in the general direction of Eriu


That was most impressive, @Pyperkub. Let see, you did:
Anti magic
A big communion
Orb Lightening
Iron bane
maws of the earth
curse of stones
magma eruption
fire flies
skeletal legion

By the middle part of the battle, so many Eriu goats and black hawks were on fire, I thought your Darkness should have been dispelled.
Congrats on escaping your imprisonment, but Eiru was besieging you with his crap troops. Wait till the elites show up.


Eriu, I fart in your general direction. Now go away, or I shall be forced to taunt you a second time!


I’ll have you know that those were some very special goats!

Sadly, i don’t think any of them survived…


Man, I thought the goats were an inside joke…but they’re actually there!

I love Dominions. :D

That WAS an epic battle. Nicely done, Nazca.

sorry about the stale - got busy on call over the weekend!


MWAH! I iz still cackling and gloating!


Haha! Well done. For that effort, you and your underwater denizens can keep your little fortress in the sea, where you can continue to plot the destruction of the world.


I wish I had seen that battle. How could twenty militia with coral spears take out all those undead? I mean, those militia are nothing like the 500 strong crabs and fire breathing thugs besieging Tien Chi. They are nothing like the full Elemental Court that Caelum has, either. (What’s a Daveta of Dispair anyways? is that like a bad date meme, or a horror movie title?) And who knows what Eiru has beyond a ton of undead.

But I can tell you that if you hit a province with Locust Swarm several times, jacking the unrest up to 240, and then send in a Pan, you get an army of naked women real quick. Now, how useful are those women, well…


Can I get an extension until Tuesday please? Camping this weekend, no laptop…

Otoh I’m down to minimal contribution so staling isn’t going to affect much!


I wouldn’t mind a day. Forgot and just got the 12 hr notice


Hosting postponed till Tuesday.


i just did it as well! Now it’s Wednesday.


I was meant to write this sooner, but I have to make public Akaoni’s kindness in removing his event spawned besieging force from my lands. I don’t know if they were going to be scripted to move, but the quick retreat during battle was noted.

In other news, I hate the idea of knocking players out of the game. I wish there was some way where a player could still have some sort of observer mode. But caps win the game, and I kinda need a little bit more income.


Well played @DireAussie . Every province with unrest 120+, castles under siege, two opponents, and still slugged it out to the very end. I don’t know how many battles were ones that I technically lost, but that you lost more resources. Well played sir!

And yes, @Strato, that random event was weird, and not well placed for me!

What I am curious about now is Nazca.


Oops, that was rather silly of me to not have a retreat path for my pretender! That’s me done, good luck everyone.


well played DA :)


On the good news side, I’m not the first out (though I danced with the devil quite a bit there, getting down to a single candle). May not even be number 2, though Pan has what, 3 caps now? I’m wondering how long those apparent NAPs will hold…


Pan has 2 caps and a place that either translates to Shinuyama or Crimea. It depends on what the little green men in the lake nearby do. Its not a place I can recommend, as the unrest there is still in triple digit numbers, and wont go down anytime soon, since the little goblin’s Turmoil dominion contributes it as well.

I had offered Shin to Ys earlier on, but he was busy. But now with TC’s capital taken, he has two. Perhaps some reconsideration’s are in order?


Maybe you just need to be divested of some of your territory? It does seem like you have too much…


Sorry BotB. I hate knocking people out, but at the same time, personal values were important. You taking land from Bandar was enough to pull me in to give the monkey’s a little space against a two pronged war. You put up a valiant defence, but I had the advantage of not fighting a defensive war previously so could devote myself to research and the higher tier spells that you were hamstrung by. I still need to work on my communions more though. The battles go on long enough to kill my druids. And even at your cap, I still lost a substantial amount with the communion slaves dying.

In other news, Ys really sucks on land! I’ll have to offer some insights once this game is over because I’ve yet to see them in a Qt3 game. I really like Ys. But the further away from home I travel, the harder it is :(

Also, well done DA for being defiant until the end. Those fights with hugs were comedy gold from a Dominions perspective. I did try and tell someone unfamiliar with Dominions about the prowess of your Pretender and how crazy stupidly effective it was.