The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


I’m pretty sure that happened on the same turn. Nice try though ;)

(of course, I was trying to pick off all your straggler commanders on the previous turns…)


Postponed 24 hours.


And then there were four…


I am interested in looking at the turn later. It was my understanding that Caelum was going to make a move this turn. What that meant, well… hopefully it doesn’t mean sitting on your butt surrounded by nekkid women (good!) and harpies (bad!) like SOME people.


So, any tips out there on how to get Charm to work on a Vampire Count? Lets just say the past few tries have not been successful…


A rune smasher equipped on the spell caster might make the vampire count less of a pain in the neck…

I wonder who out there has access to F/W paths?


Well, if anyone happens to have a F/W caster and has access to Const 4, perhaps a Queen from the North, or one from Morgen, Pan would like it to be known that he is in the market for rune smashers, and has thistle maces, earth boots, and other items for trade. Also a small amount of fire gems we have never gotten around to using.


Anyone interested in trading with Pan please understand these simple rules

  1. Only fools trade anything with Pan at this stage of the game
  2. Eriu will trade you anything you might want from Pan at a more favorable return than what Pan will give you. Not because I need the item, but because I want to deprive Pan of it…

That is all


Pan, you have nothing I want. Sorry. Besides, Ys Law 209.16 states that Rune Smashers are for emergency use only and not to be freely used for magic penetration, in particular, astral spells.

I do love the longing looks that my Druids have of those Rune Smashers arrayed on the laboratory wall.


You guys have got Pan all wrong. We are peaceful people, dragged reluctantly into a war when we decided to befriend the potbellied demons. Since the end of that defensive war, we have kept to ourselves, focusing on bringing harmony to the forests and fields. Pan is content to wait for Caelum to stretch his wings, or perhaps Eiru to turn his glamoured heroes, or for the Crabs to boil out of the pot, and seize the initiative.

Alas, we will have to forge our own Rune Smashers…unless Eiru wants to trade. Pan remembers sending off a Miraculous potion of healing early in the game to our Eiru friends, who were in dire need of one at the time. It saddens us to be disparaged in such a way now, simply because we were defending our beer drinking fat buddies.


I really should join this ritual spell brigade!


I’m afraid the global cool kids club is currently full, but there is a waiting list!

And Pan, let us pine for a return to those innocent days of our youth before some of us became controllers of 3 capitals and most of the provinces!


Uh oh! Did I lose some ritual spells?!

I need to find time to fit my turn in tonight as it won’t be until Friday that I can get at my computer again. I really need to get in the game, but between work, a busier social calendar and responsibilities outside of work, and the slower diplomacy, I am having trouble getting in the swing (war).

I haven’t even worked up some good strategies yet for the tools I have! I will keep trying!


For those of us watching from a mummified heaven, how does a rune smasher counter a caloric count?


Charm has to get through a MR check and a Rune Smasher gives the caster extra magic resist penetration. It is why I have Rune Smashers should I need to play defensively - I’ll give them out to a select few druids and will mindhunt anyone silly enough to enter my lands. Not totally guaranteed but does raises the chances a little more.


More specifically, a rune smasher confers 2 penetration, iirc - which means, in effect, the MR of any unit receiving a hostile spell cast on them by a unit holding the item will be reduced by 2 before any other modifications to the MR are calculated.


Ys, I strongly encourage you to site search a certain province for nature sites. I took a look at the listing of sites, but didn’t find any that encourage random attacks by 2 dryads and a bunch of maenads. And I dont even have dominion over that province. Weird…


I’m onto your nefarious plan of having Ysian scholars stop reading books and go hunting the countryside! Nay I say. Also, there has been sufficient nature searching done (N4).

But really, I know it has nothing to do with you directly. Here’s the story for everyone.

There are two events in the game where I come under attack from “Pangea.” The first requires a minimum population of 1000, must be in forest and have growth scale of 3. MA Pangea must be a nation in play. Alternately, the event can also trigger from a forest province, with Pangea in play and due to some other event. Either way, this particular event causes Pangean troops to spawn and attack. Thankfully both times it has been against a Fort site, so little consequence to me.

Both times it has occurred is a result of events from the previous months. In one case, I think it might have been from the Fertility festival, maybe. In the second instance, I can probably assume it was because the previous month I had a Spirit of Summer event occur. Neither is due to any act from Pangea, nor is it due to any special site present, near as I can tell at least.


It is perhaps the least interesting graph, or perhaps, the most apparent, but still I understand some people might doubt Eriu when it talks of knowing such things. Of course, if you doubt its accuracy, i implore you to check it against your own graphs


Nah, I believed you had the info, but there is the cynic in me who does question what I am told vs what is real.

I do wonder what event will set the world afire. What I do expect is that once a nation goes to war with another nation, a cataclysmic reaction will occur and the other two nations will join in some brutal knife fight to the death.

Hopefully as we do our turns we can hum along to this: