The Donald vs. Rosie O'Donnell

The video on this page is surprisingly nasty, given how composed Trump normally is:

I’m with Donald on this one. Rosie’s been getting weirder and louder over the past few years. Not that she was all that stable to begin with, either, based on past accounts. “Queen of Nice”, my butt.

Did you ever listen to Trump’s takedown of the UN Building refurbishing project, given to a Senate Subcommittee? Great stuff.

I’m not a huge Trump fan, but Rosie is just an attention whore, and not a very entertaining one at that, so I’d side with the Donald on this one.

Besides, I wasn’t the least bit interested in Miss USA until I heard she was underage drinking and “engaging in inappropriate sex acts”. Suddenly I’m more than willing to take a quick stroll over to the Miss USA website…

I dont like either of them. I was surprised he was so vicious towards her. I suppose she is a cunt but I didnt expect him to lay into her like that.

Trump seems VERY angry. Especially when what she said is somewhat true. A lot of his ventures have been recently or are now in big trouble.

That was awesome!

Wait, Donald Trump is normally composed? When, exactly?

I watched the clip of Rosie, is there really anything sue-worthy in there? Calling him a snake oil saleman seems to be the closest.

Well, saying he was or went bankrupt, if that’s not actually the case – that’s clearly defamation (if untrue), which could cause damages to him because that sort of erroneous perception would affect his business operations, which are heavily dependent upon lending. It’s all a bit of a stretch though (it’s not as if anyone, let alone a financial insitution, looks to Rosie O’Donnel for expert credit analysis)>

He’s had a couple of business that have gone bankrupt. I don’t remember which ones, but there have been a lot of reports about it since he started his “I’m the best business man” tv show.

I like the idea that Desslock hangs out at

A coke snorting, lesbian sex having, hard drinking beauty queen does not deserve a second chance.

She deserves a medal.

And what do you get for posting in the wrong thread?

Oh ye of little intelligence, there are two disgraced beauty queens in the news right now. I am talking now about Miss USA in New York. You are thinking of Miss Nevada in Canada.

As usual, the New York Post is on top of the Beauty Queen story, with its usual crackerjack writing:

WITH her delicate breast heaving softly and her tears scattering like rose petals, Miss USA vowed that - from this day forward - she’ll keep her nose clean.

And her urine sweet.

And - to employ my current favorite euphemism - her cooch untouched by human hands.

A pox on them both.

Could Rosie’s 15 minutes please be up soon.

Heh, I followed a link from the Drudge Report.

I’m with Donald on this one also. Rosie justs needs to disappear.

It’s so obvious to me that O’Donnell is, at her core, a deeply unpleasant person.

O can’t believe evryone else hasn’t figured that out.