The dreaded "I need a new apartment" thread

I’m in need of new place to live, and I thought it may be nice to have a thread where anyone can post a similar need, and people with housing can PM us with offers of sex houses and Real World applications.

Once you find a place, edit your post to reflect it.

Links to craigslist postings and more, please!

So I’m breaking up with my lady and need a new pad here in SF. Here’s a link to my craigslist “Housing Wanted” ad. Warning, personal information ahead!

I’m really considerate, clean, funny, have a lot of cool interests, and am generally a kickass, super-friendly roommate. My preferred neighborhoods are the Mission, Noe Valley, and the Lower Haight (BART access, yo), but I’m open to anything for a couple months while I find the perfect pad.

Anybody got a spare room or know a rad friend with one? Thanks!

I had absolutely ZERO good responses when I posted a “Housing Wanted” ad on CL. Most people in SF who are looking to rent out a room will just post an ad and be done with it.

I’ll ask around for you.

I’ve actually had a number of positive responses from my ad. Some nice young ladies looked me up to see if I could move into a new place with them, and a couple of other folks have emailed about rooms they have available. Maybe it’s cause you’re a girl. Nobody on the internet likes those. :)

Thanks for asking around!

Go for the ladies. Pretend you’re gay to get them close to you, then spring it that you dig chicks. Foolproof plan, I guarantee it will not end badly.

Just, post what happens with it here for us to peruse.

Be sure to give them lots of massages before you tell them. They’ll dig that and laugh about it after the big reveal.

Make sure you keep up appearances for the Ropers and, later, Mr. Furley.

Score. Do this.

I approach roommate relations like I do relationships

Anyone who reads that and decides to be your roommate is a nutcase. Dude are you for real?

I had great response. I ended up getting an in-law unit in the nice area of Potrero Hill (19th/Texas, right at the top of the hill) for $900/mo utilities, cable, and internet included which is so below market for that area. It was month to month too, which was great. I had a few other offers for below market rate too. Maybe it’s different with rooms vs apartments?

Hell yeah! I wine and dine my roommates, overwhelm them with clinginess, and turn them off with my deep, suffocating insecurity disguised as openness and ‘honesty’.

Also, if you read further than that, you’d see I actually explain myself purty well. You think I should change my phrasing there? :) I’ll happily take suggestions…

eat lots of veggies

This is code for ‘will not clog up the bathroom’.

In other news: A buddy of mine and his wife are looking for a 2/2ish apartment in SF with parking. Anyone seen anything nice recently that they wish they could afford to rent?

Not sure if there are Bay Area people still looking, but a friend of mine just posted this after moving to SF to do the cohabitation thing:

“If anyone knows of anyone looking for a one-bedroom in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto, send them my way. The apartment is totally cute, quiet, centrally located. It’s too bad I was barely able to enjoy it, but I’m ready for this next part of my life to start.”

And another friend is looking for a room if anyone has a spot open for a early 30s lady with two nice kitties and a stable job.

Looking for a housemate to fill the third bedroom in a three bed, two bath house in Daly City. It’s a great location, and the house is pretty awesome for the price.

Oh, fun times! I’m gonna be looking for an apartment in a few months so my girl and I can move in together around the end of the Summer! Haven’t looked in over a decade, so any suggestions would be helpful.

You have a new girlfriend? Is she from space?




Wait, when did you move over to this side of the bay??

— Alan

Dang that’s tempting, but I like the hill I live on too much for the asking price.

— Alan