The Dreamlands

I’m going to drop this in a couple places on this forum (this thread, and the kickstarter thread over in the Games forum), because I’m not really sure where it belongs, not everyone reads every thread, and I really, really want to see it get made.

One of the things I saw at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon this weekend was the trailer/short film intro for The Dreamlands, a movie based on a few of the Dreamlands cycle of Dunsany-inspired short stories by HP Lovecraft. The production company that is trying to get it made is responsible for the excellent adaptation of Lovecraft’s “The Color out of Space” (Die Farbe) a few years ago. I’d love to see this get made- people tend to ignore the Dreamlands stuff he wrote, and it’s always been some of my favorite. Some of the trailer really looks like they’re channeling Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall). Awesome.

Never heard of Die Farbe. Colour Out of Space is my favorite HPL story, and it’s cool to hear there’s a decent adaptation of it (even if it’s set in Germany?). Looks like they’re also taking liberties with the Dreamlands stuff, but that particularly makes some sense and I can imagine it being faithful without being a straight adaptation.

It really is quite good- there’s plenty of reviews on the web that’ll back that up. These guys know their stuff. I’m sure Scarecrow here in Seattle has it, but I’m not sure where you are.

Looking again at that indiegogo page, I realize I’ve already seen their stretch goals- the ones that stitch together the three teasers into a more solid whole. They’ll release those bits with 770 backers and 50% of the funding goal.

EDIT: oh, hey! It looks like Die Farbe is up on Amazon streaming, and it’s free is you have Prime. Which I do. Looks like it is time for a refresh viewing.

Perfect! I had checked Netflix, but not Amazon. So is it German with English subtitles?

The movie is a mix of German and English. The German has burned-in subtitles, you can’t turn them off. It takes place in both the US and Germany- a US man (a professor at Miskatonic, of course) goes to Germany looking for his father, who was an American medic there after WWII (I think the movie is set during the 60’s? Hard to tell- seems more modern than the usual 20’s/30’s period piece for Lovecraft). Then the story is then told via flashback. The Germans speak German, the Americans speak English and broken German, as the script demands- most of the movie is in German. It’s all very well done. I think it wasn’t shot with sync-sound, as the vocal track on the English seems off sometimes- though not like it was actors speaking German being dubbed over with English.

This seems to be slow going, but it’s a long campaign, so who knows. Anyway, for those of you interested who haven’t seen the above-mentioned Die Farbe yet, they’ve put the whole movie up on YouTube streaming until Sunday. Give it a watch.

Die Farbe.