The Eight Creepiest Video Game Glitches Ever

This is pretty damn funny. Cracked has a good thing going lately.

The best of Cracked is solid gold. And the worst really isn’t too bad. Comments suck as much as you’d expect, though.

Anyone want to do a ‘best of Cracked’ thread? If not I’ll put one up later.

Fallout: New Vegas

I’ve seen other creepier examples of bugs similar to this, but I can’t locate them, or remember specifically what game they’re from.

Cracked kind of reminds of what SomethingAwful used to be like, when they had funny content in a simple web layout… prior to moving to an overly complex layout full of worthless content.

Bah, no Dragon Age Head.

That’s the one I was looking for! Thanks for posting that. I kept thinking it was Silent Hill or something and it bugged me I couldn’t find it.

Deformed ragdolls are old hat, but that creepy Watson video was Thief-grade horror.

True, there’s no reason it shouldn’t have been number one. It’s in a class by itself.

What was that Vanguard image with the guy with a polearm sticking out of his head? That was curious.

And there’s the classic FO3 thing of NPCs randomly catapulting hundreds of feet in the air before falling to their deaths.

Creepy Watson takes this one hands down.

That Watson bug was amazing. I have to get that game.

I enjoyed the Red Dead Redemption manimals. Particularly, the gun wielding coyote.

I’d put Creepy Watson in the #1 spot, probably followed by the Manimals. That Donkey Woman was the stuff of nightmares…

It’s not a bug, though - the designers just didn’t bother to make the Watson “AI” actually move around. Instead he simply teleports once off-screen.

It’s not a bug. Watson has no walking animations, so he just teleports next to you whenever he’s out of view.

Edit: Beaten. That’ll teach me to read other threads before hitting submit.

Those aren’t glitches, those are creature designs that didn’t make it to some Silent Hill games (they weren’t creepy enough).

Sorry, poor choice of words.