The Elder Scrolls Online


Anyone want a Doom Wolf Mount? I bought something in the ES: Legends card game and it came with a code.


actually the last character should be replaced by an F.


Clockwork City DLC coming.

They worded the sales pitch a bit oddly.

The Clockwork City is a standalone DLC game pack that will be available free to all ESO Plus members and for purchase from the in-game Crown Store. Note that you will not need a copy of ESO: Morrowind in order to acquire access to this new content (only the base game).

Standalone but not really. The bigger news for everyone is this:

The Clockwork City DLC game pack and Update 16 also introduce the all-new Transmutation system, allowing you to change the traits on your gear, including weapons and armors.

In order to Transmute an item, you must locate a Transmutation station and have the item trait researched in your crafting Skill Line. This means if you’d like to add the Sharpened trait to your dagger, you must first ensure you have the ability to craft daggers with that trait. You’ll be able to find a Transmutation station in the heart of the Brass Fortress within the Clockwork City or acquire one for your home from a certain Master Writ merchant.

In addition to the crafting skill requirement, Transmutation requires a special new resource called Transmutation Crystals that you’ll need to collect and save. You’ll be able to earn Transmutation Crystals by completing veteran level content (such as Veteran Mode Dungeons or Trials).


I KEEP scrolling past this in the Playstation store and then think “nahhhh”. Next big sale, I think I’ll have to give it a go. Part of the problem is there are always about 7 different versions and I decide I am too lazy to research the most cost effective one for my scattered needs. :)


Nah - what they mean is that you just need to own ESO, you don’t have to own Morrowind. IE., it is like their other DLC (Orsinium, Dark Brotherhood, etc.), and not tied to the ‘Chapter’/expansion content. Probably more confusing to people that own everything!


The base/cheapest version of the game has a ridiculous amount of content, and is well worth buying even for a single player RPG type experience. It’s really well done, it looks great, and with semi-recent changes you can literally go anywhere in the world, pick up a quest, and see where it goes. Highly recommended.


Thanks. Will probably go ahead and pull the trigger.


Clockwork City (paid DLC) and Update 16 (free) launch has moved up from sometime in November to October 23rd.


I just picked this up as a late buy for the christmas sale ( got the gold edition). Is there any starting advice anyone cares to share?
I plan on playing a nuker / summoner type.


Pick Sorcerer, then. Their summon and nuking specs are strong right now. Your faction and race can be whatever suits your fancy, unless you’re a min-maxer (if you are, then Altmer is probably the best choice, but any race with a bonus to magicka will do).

Just do the quests, explore and enjoy a very well done story. Start crafting early, as researching recipes is time-gated. And remember that you can have multiple guilds, so it makes sense to try several out.


Is crafting limited, as in you can only pick like 2 professions or can you do anything? IF it is limited, what do you suggest for crafting skills?


You’re not limited in the amount of trade skills, but every skill line in the game takes skill points. If you focus on too many lines early on, you probably won’t have the skill points to go around.


There is a soft limit to crafting professions per character due to the need for skill points. At early levels, skill points will be a real bottleneck. That is relieved as you explore more (also, dip into PvP a bit at level 10 for some free and easy points). For a summoner/ nuker, I would start with Clothier, then expand from there as skill points allow.


Thanks for the info. I also noticed there is an optional subscription fee, is that worth using? I am assuming Ill get a free month of whatever when If first log in.


I have found the subscription fee to be a very good value, but it’s reasonable to see how much you like the core gameplay before deciding for yourself ;)


The subscription is amazing! I’d play around with the game and if you like it initially, go for the ESO Plus subscription. The crafting bag is a godsend for someone like me who can’t pass up a harvesting node or an unopened barrel. :)


Yeah, if you go down the crafting rabbit hole, the sub is a must. That crafting bag is awesome…it’s infinite and the massive number of crafting supplies get dropped into and used from it automatically.

Also you get a little gold & XP bonus and a large crafting XP bonus, which is always nice.


By the by, I don’t believe this is true. Once they went to basically the buy-to-play model, there’s no free month of ESO Plus. At least I don’t remember that working for me.


I only played ESO during the beta, never retail. So I try and create an account, but I can’t since I apparently have an account. I have no idea what my password is, so I try and reset it. Then it asks me a security question and I have no idea what the answer is with no recourse.

I did open a support ticket under the lost email account type, and that was several hours ago. Is this something that will take days to resolve or do the tend to respond quickly?


Not sure on response time, but you can always start up a new gmail account or whatever yah?


Ill do this tonight if I have not gotten a response by then.