The Elder Scrolls Online


Does Qt3 have a guild?


@stusser is this list still what you would pick for someone starting off. :)


Magica Templar, or Stamina Sorcerer are both pretty much unkillable, and great at solo questing/gameplay. Templar is probably the easiest class to get a handle on the game mechanics with, as you start out with the ability that you are going to use the entire game. Doing AOE damage while healing yourself from the damage done is great for soloing. A lot of the other builds take some time to get going, and require a bit more understanding of game mechanics.


Thanks for the suggestions so far, I am still undecided. I was thinking woodelf archer, but no one has said anything about such a class yet.

I seem to always play a Templar or Sorcerer in other games, so I was going to try something different. I might sleep on it and pick in the morning.

So far the game is installed and I have Minion 3 installed, getting tired though.


I loved this mod when I played. Maybe not good for your first few hours. But after that it really allows you to focus on the excellent world building to guide you along - and not annoying UI pop-ups. They did a good job making attacks, mobs, quests, etc all appear distinct in the game.


ESO is unlike any other game, in that the “class” you play, has very little to do with that actual gameplay usually associated with said class. In the case of a magica Templar, and a stamina sorcerer for example, the Templar is actually a caster, and the sorcerer is more of a melee character. The way classes are built in ESO is mostly based on choices you make to follow either the stamina or magica supported routes. Any class really can be a caster or a “tank”. Any class can be a bow user etc, your choice of what trees you choose to develop, really determine the bulk of how the class plays. I’ve actually made a “ranger” out of a sorcerer, as they are the class that has access to pets, I ended up with an approximation of a WoW hunter.

It’s worth looking into what classes get what, and then what the skill choices actually do, as it can be a bit confusing starting out and coming from other games.

It’s been a while for me, but I believe that is all fairly accurate lol.

It takes a while to get used to, but the conventional role that class plays is almost non existent in ESO.


I’ve been thinking of getting back into ESO. If I get Summerset on Steam today, it comes with Morrowind?


I didn’t play a ton back when I played, but I don’t recall there being much of a challenge. With the auto leveling of the content do things stay pretty easy the entire way through or eventually does the game require you make careful use of the tools at your disposal?


Gonna try this as a High Elf, and I just spent 30 minutes with the character creator, heh.


High elf stamina sorc with dual wield is insane amounts of fun… :P

The game is fairly easy the first 35 levels or so, but can get challenging past that, depending on what content you’re doing. The gameplay is such that you always sort of at least have to pay attention, because actual dodging is a thing etc. It’s not WoW levels of LOLcombat.


That’s good. I’m sure I never reached level 35.


Yeah I am not sure if the game should be tossing new players right into the new expansion content. I decided to find the first wayshrine and head over to Khenarthi’s Roost, which a wiki told me is that staring area for Aldmeri Dominion players. Gotta play old content first.

A bulletin post gave me my first quest there, which was sorta funny, it mentioned about me falling out of the sky, which didn’t happen.
Level 4 already after only 90 or so min, is leveling up this fast normal? Here’s my character in whatever armor I’ve found on the ground so far. Heh…

I am a sorcerer wielding an axe. :| And I haven’t spent any skill points yet, gotta read up on what is best for this Stamina Sorcerer build.

I did see this build which looks pretty cool:

Also it is indeed a damn fine looking game.

I’ll mess with add on’s tomorrow. I need a mini-map. Also there are collectible shards in this game! And apparently fishing spots!

Tom loves fishing, why isn’t he playing this.


The Morrowind expansion had left me dissapointed. But was well intentioned.

I guess I am more interested into emergent gameplay than theme parks.

Visiting Morrowind turned into a theme park was like visiting a France theme park in Ohio, with people foning a fake french accent.

I get the nostalgia vibe, because I too, I am a human being. But eh… Lets move on.

I will not get this expansion, but I will pay attention to see what it includes and how it moves.


Reaching level 4 after 90 minutes is pretty on par if not slower than average for MMOs at this point. Advancement does get slower as you go though.


So when I originally played this, I wanted to be a caster, and picked a sorcerer. This got really boring though.

Are y’all saying if I wanna be more of a caster, a Templar is the way to go?


Not in my opinion. Magicka Templars feel less caster-like that sorcerer, to me. What were you using as a sorcerer and what bored you about it?


Don’t recall at all. Reinstalling the game now, so I’ll look when I get home tonight.


So I killed a chicken last night and had to pay a fine. :D

Also I am the number one slayer of butterflies. :P

I was up way too late playing this.


@tomchick , see what you are missing out on!

hums Night Fishing Song… ;)

Overall the game has been fantastic and I am in 100% agreement, that voice acting really ups the quality bar of this game.


Yeah, it’s fully voiced and just gorgeous, even the launch areas are really pretty. Right up there with Guild Wars 2. And unlike GW2, you can explore anywhere at level 1. It doesn’t feel like a MMO in that respect.

My main complaint at this point is the mount system, where it takes 180 days of paying 250g per day to fully level up your mount, and it isn’t account-wide. This really sucks when playing alt characters.