The Elder Scrolls Online




Also you can use their program to download/install/update mods automatically.


If you’re an explorer, I wouldn’t recommend the Skyshard addon. The game provides a list of every skyshard in each zone and a clue/riddle on where it’s located. If you just want dem skillpoints, knock yourself out, though.



@BrianRubin I loved the Immsersive UI:





How is it to start a new game in the Summerset region?

Would it then make sense to go and do the base game content, or is there some over arching story where that wouldn’t make sense?


So far it’s very pretty.


I wouldn’t. Many of the characters are those you should have met before, including some of the most important characters in the game. You’ll lose much of the story’s impact by starting in Summerset.

My advice: Quickly find the boat to your faction’s starting island (Khenarthi’s Roost, Strok M’Kai or Bleakrock for AD, DC and EP, respectively). The stories start there. You don’t have to do all the sidequests if you want to rush a bit, but every zone has a main quest. These all fit together with the Cold Harbour questline, which is the game’s overall main quest. As you finish each zone, you’ll get breadcrumbs to the next. Just make sure to do any quest involving your faction leader and your primary guide (whom you meet on that island).


Hey, anybody else getting much poorer frame rates and even micro stutters since the new update? It’s not unplayable but it is pretty annoying. Also my ping seems to be a little worse although that could just be my stone age internet provider.


Game has been running smoothly for the week I’ve owned it so far.


Hmmmm. Thanks. Maybe its just Cyrodiil then. Weird. I’ll try updating my graphics drivers.


How is Cyrodiil these days? I haven’t played since before Morrowind released, but I’m eyeing coming back in. though all my gear is probably out of date. Then again, there’s re-traiting (is it easy to do so?) so maybe not so bad.


It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was just another day in Cyrodiil.

Still laggy but still fun. The meta has careened around. It’s still all about the proc sets. But even with junk gear you can just go out and zerg surf and have fun. I really hope they get the lag addressed. I used to get a 120 ms ping but since I came back a few weeks ago after another long hiatus, it’s now more like 145ms and more like 165 to 200 prime times. Weird thing is my PvE zone latency is higher than it was before as well. Used to be 90ms on a good day. Now 110 to 120 when shopping at guild merchants.

But yeah, it’s still pretty fun if you realize it’s not about “skill” and don’t take it too seriously. Also helps to not care about what your alliance potatoes are doing. i.e. whether you are “winning.” :)


Thanks for the advice you guys. I’m having SO MUCH FUN with this pure Magicka Templar. Gonna reup my subscription. This is the kind of character I’ve wanted since the beginning. Yay!


Hey that’s awesome!!! ESO is such a fantastic game, can easily get a couple hundred hours out of it, at least I did. Magicka Templar is the class that I sort of really came to grips with the game mechanics on, so it’s always had a soft spot for me, I actually just started a new one to get back into the game :P


Yeah, I realize my first character wasn’t great at anything since I split their stats. That might work in Skyrim, but focusing seems to work far better here.


There are some very specific builds, where the “all or nothing” on stamina or magicka isn’t required, but you really have to be way inside the game mechanics and gear/class combos to make them work. I made my share of hybrid characters that failed, because I’m really stubborn and was convinced they could work lol.

ESO really is kind of a min/max sort of game, and the way everything works together is unlike any other MMO, so it does take a bit to get your head around what is really going on, at least it did for me lol.

At any rate, happy that you are enjoying the game, it’s such a great place to just wander around in, it’s worth it just for the sightseeing really!


A couple of years ago I had decent success with hybrid builds in PvP. Not sure if any of them are still viable anymore (they were never optimal in PvE though.)

Attributes are cheap to respec, but race is not, so you’ll want to pick one that’s optimal to your playstyle (no redguard mages, etc.)


Yeah, it feels way different in this respect than any of the single player Elder Scrolls games. Not a bad thing, just a thing to get used to.