The Elder Scrolls Online


So mid-year madness is on (double PvP rewards) and I tried battlegrounds for the first time last night. It was actually a lot of fun. Probably a good time to dip into PvP if anyone hasn’t done so. I’m not a huge fan of the PvE endgame in ESO (trials are too long and tedious IMO, though I haven’t tried any of the new ones) but PvP can be really great when there’s not too much lag.


I’ve been slowly leveling up a Magden since I got back in the game. There are a lot of complaints about how the Magden is underpowered on the official forums, and I can see how that’s true in PvE. In pre-level 50 PvP though, it’s been a blast to play and an absolute terror in battlegrounds. Most people in sub-level 50 PvP are not prepared for the amount of snares/immobilizes that a magden can put down. Running pretty suboptimal gear myself (blue training traited seducer’s + Kags) though that’s probably better than 80% of players in those BGs. I know I’m mostly picking on newbies but for once I can 1vX like people do on streams and videos.


Still playing this. Midyear madness was fun, got my magden from 0 to 2nd Sergeant. I do at least a round or two of Battlegrounds every session, it was kind of intimidating at first but from what I’ve seen people are pretty chill as you get decent rewards even if you lose. Swift jewelry is the best thing since Rapid Maneuvers and it should be on at all times unless you’re in a pve dungeon or trial.


Didn’t know about that spyware thing they pulled a while ago, was thinking about cancelling for a while (haven’t logged in since before summerset.), so that seemed like a good reason to do so. Cheers for that update earlier :)


Game is apparently free for the next 5 days as part of the Quakecon celebrations if people are interested in giving it a try (along with the Morrowind content).


Over the past two years or so I haven’t played much and am a bit puzzled as to the rebalancing that the game has gone through. Perhaps someone can give me some tips / insight?

From what I understand:
All character stats are basically scaled to the enemies, correct? Thus highlevel players just have access to more unlocked skills than entry level players, but the actual damage / health is all normalized to a certain average?

Has all progression has slowed to a trickle with percentile growth at most requiring a huge time investment to even level up, right? So for a casual player, leveling has basically become pointless?

Also my character is a veteran level 100 & my buddy is veteran level 500. These days when we hit upon a skull & bones enemy (in various regions), we get our asses handed to us, whereas that used to be doable with 2 players.

Are we just terrible at playing the game? Or has the game been rebalanced so that those enemies can only be tackled by mobs these days?



I just started this during the free trial and got absolutely hooked, but yeah, curious about all of the questions above. =)


I’ve been playing a lot recently and can answer these questions!

Yes, with the One Tamriel patch, everything scales. You are correct in that higher level players have access to more tools. I don’t know how they do the normalizing but it works great - you don’t have to consider at all what level a friend or associate is when you’re killing stuff with someone. And of course you can go anywhere and do anything.

Not at all. Leveling is as fast as ever. Plus, they give you daily log-in rewards which include stuff like super healing/mana/stamina potions and experience scrolls (to boost your XP gains). I just leveled a Warden to 50 and I never once thought it was taking a long time.

You’re not terrible!

There are various gradations of skull and crossbones bosses - the ones in delves (the mini-dungeons) will have around 150k hitpoints, and they can be soloed. Ones in the public dungeons will have probably 250k hitpoints, and a duo can usually kill them. Then there are the “group event” bosses in public dungeons, which a duo might be able to kill, but you probably need 3+ to do it. The guys roaming around in the open world are called World Bosses, and they’ll have 1 million + hitpoints. Two normally-geared guys probably can’t kill them. Three guys - maybe. Probably more (I would say for world bosses most groups feel uncomfortable unless you have 8+). Some of them are pretty straightforward, while others have nasty mechancs, so they vary in difficulty also.

Of course, well-geared players and experienced players can probably kill public dungeon bosses solo. I’ve seen it happen. But world bosses? No way.

In the new zone of Summerset, people are all the time forming impromptu groups to share the daily “kill this boss” quest - keep your eye on zone chat. Typically someone will announce they have the quest and will ask people to type a letter in zone chat. When you do that, you get autoinvited to the group, and they share the quest with you. You then port to a nearby wayshrine and run to the boss location. When the entire group is there, you start, and kill the boss. This doesn’t really happen in the older zones (or it’s more happenstance when it does occur.


That was very informative! Thanks very much.


Forgot to mention that two players can duo a dolmen (or geyser, as they’re called in Summerset). As with everything else, it varies depending on how annoying the final boss is. But I’ve duoed dolmens with a Sorc and my Stamina Warden before (it did include a few deaths but still, we got it done). Then again, I did a dolmen with two other players once that had a frost atronarch and the two of us who were meeling died a few times before we killed the boss.


It also turns out if you’re really good (I am not, this is not me!) you can solo the world bosses. I also found out from watching this video that there is a setting in the client somewhere to allow you to pick the color you want for the red “danger” zones.


I got a wild hair up my ass to play this again, so I’m downloading it. Do we as a community have a guild or anything I can jump into?


There is a Qt3 guild but it’s not active, maybe 3 or 4 people have logged into it over the last month. I’m frequently the only person in the guild who’s online. I’m on a fair bit though so if you need anything or have questions feel free to ping me (my handle is @Charlatan57).

The community is pretty friendly so don’t be afraid to ask questions in zone chat.

Most activity is in the new expansion zone (Summerset); I have also seen a lot of people in Davon’s Watch if Summerset is not an option for you.


My stupid question is: how do I join a guild?? Seems like my only option is to create my own.


Hi Charlatan,

Sent you a friends request in game… do you have the power to invite to the guild?

(aware it is not a very live guild, but I prefer the QT3 option in all games :)


Someone within a guild would need to send an invitation to you. There isn’t an option to simply join an “open” guild.

You can check the eso forums to see which guilds may be recruiting or keep an eye on in game chat to find a guild. You would then need to contact the appropriate person in game to ask for an invite.


I wonder if we can get @Jason_McMaster to promote someone (I volunteer) to manage the guild. Heck, I’m still officially a recruit, so I can’t invite others. At least make me a member!


I can log on and promote whoever wants it…I’m pretty sure I’m still an officer.


I forget if I asked to join, and I haven’t logged on in at least a month. But I’d like to join if I am not a member yet. :p


Well never mind, PS Store just completely destroyed everything.
I downloaded the timed trial, so now I cannot buy the standard game because it says I already own it. When I start the game, it says the trial is over and I have to buy the game. I clicked buy and got sent to a page where I had the options to buy 2 different digital upgrades, so I bought the “Sommerset Collectors edition” Digital Upgrade, but nothing happens and I still can’t play the game.