The Elder Scrolls Online


Everybody that logged-in during the month of January gets 500 free crowns. Not sure if that’s enough to buy anything, but I think we can all agree that getting anything for free sends a little zing from the tippy top of our heads to the base of our genitals.

Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood packs will be on sale for 1000 crowns each starting March 7, around eight bucks. They’re fantastic.

I’m still playing this! :)

I’m just about to hit CP 400 and I’m working on collecting end game gear.
The end game dungeons are pretty intense in ESO. Lots of bosses with different game mechanics in the veteran dungeons - it’s pretty good fun. I’ve not tried Elsweyr yet though.

Goddamnit. I already bought the previous assistants. :(
(With Plus crowns, I’m not crazy.)

A dog with a turban? That’s the stupidest… Ohhhhh how cute!

Yeah I’m waiting on a sale to buy the assistants, they’re like $40 in crowns each.

Do want!

… but too expensive. Spent all my coins on loot crates that gave me nothing usefull at all. Should’ve gone the belgian(?) route of banning crates.

Hey all just wanted to let those of you who play that they are having a special giveaway today only. Basically, if you play on one of the consoles, just log-in anytime between 3:00 pm EDT - 11:00 pm EDT and you will get a mount and some loot crates. If you play on PC, you have to connect your ESO account to your Twitch account and watch their “Season of the Dragon” stream (8:30 pm EDT).

To clarify: This is only valid for June 9th, 2019

Here are the deets:

I believe if you’re on a console you have to kill 1 mob to get credit for the items.

As always, it’s really annoying that console players get a wide time window and an extremely low-effort path to these goodies and PC players have to have a Twitch account and tune in during what will be probably a half hour arbitrary time window that’s only at all approachable in a handful of time zones.

Fuck Twitch.

I’m thinking about a return to ESO after a very long time away. This is a stupid question that’s probably already been asked and answered somewhere upthread, but…

…how do ESO and it’s expansions work on Steam? I own Tamriel Unlimited on Steam, and at some point I bought Morrowwind on the cheap as well, so it looks like I own what is now referred to as the “Standard Edition” on Steam. I see that I can purchase the Elsweyr Upgrade and add that content, but it appears that Summerset is no longer an option to purchase separately, and neither is the “Gold” version content, with the smaller DLCs. Are these now only available via the in-game Crown Store to unlock on my ESO account?

When I played, I played a box copy of Tamriel Unlimited and logged directly into the ESO servers. The Steam copies of the base game and Morrrowind that I own I actually purchased after I’d quit playing. I assume that after I launch the Steam version of the game, it will take me to the ESO servers, where I can use my old ESO account to simply login like I used to, and that my old characters may still be there?

The only thing you absolutely have to own on Steam is the base game, because Steam won’t let you play the Steam version without that. Beyond that, it’s all the same servers, characters, and upgrades. You can (and I did) get expansions and other DLC outside Steam and apply it to your overall account without a problem. Steam just won’t be aware you own it.

As far as how you can purchase Summerset and the previous DLC bundle now that Elsweyr has hit…definitely in game. There may be other sources, I dunno.

Your old characters should still be there. When I played for a while last year I logged in after a good 4 or so years of inactivity and everything was just as I left it.

Awesome, thanks guys!

I’ve taken a break from PvP for the last 4 or 5 months. I was really looking forward to this announcement but I’ll be honest, for a PvP player it’s not much to write home about. I really wanted a new weapon line that was sword and rune for magicka melee players. Instead it looks like archaeology. If the player test server patch notes come out and they nerf the Caluurians set (they dropped a hint in the Update 25 note) then I’m hanging up the boots (and stupid flame staff). At least I made Alliance Rank 50 and got to terrorize people for a good 5 or so years.

Don’t let this negativity drive you away if you enjoy the PvE. It’s still a great game for that. I can understand where there priorities are. It’s funny because I only play Conan Exiles PvE solo so I appreciate it when a company delivers there. I couldn’t imagine doing PvP on Conan. The griefing is unreal. But ESO pvp is very structured. We’ll see I guess. Just venting I guess.

Is that a giantess? They’re a playable race?

No I think that is one of the story characters called Lyris Titanborn. Voiced by the lovely Jennifer Hale, who I still remember from Scooby Doo and the Hex Girls. Really great voice actor btw.