The Elder Scrolls Online

Actually it is. This week there is an event that’s happening for people who have Morrowind or Clockwork City DLC. So, these two DLCs are also on sale in the Crown Store for 50% off. I suspect you probably already have Morrowind. Look for a region called Vvardenfell with Vivec City. That’s Morrowind. The NPCs are mainly dark elves as it is a story about dark elves. If you are on PC-NA, add me as friend (@belfong) and I can help you around.

Right, it isn’t for sale directly for money, only for “crowns”, because it’s a DLC now.

Why would I have Morrowind? I bought the original game way back when and haven’t purchased anything since. I buy games. I don’t really play them!

I can still get the starters pack for $10. Maybe that has enough crowns to buy Morrowind. I’ll take a look. If I need more maybe I’ll sub for a month and check it out.

When you subscribe each month you get a bunch of “crowns” too. It isn’t the cheapest way to buy crowns but it’s probably the best.

A lot of people got in with a bundle that included Morrowind and the four earliest zone DLCs. If you bought in with the original release, that’s not you.

You get 1650 crowns when you subscribe for one month.
That’s probably the same price as buying just the crown by itself.

So, ideally, you should sub, if you are thinking of just getting the crowns.

To my surprise, Blackwood is part of Green Man Gaming’s current voucher sale. 20% off, so I got the upgrade version for $31. The code is ‘SPR21’.

Champion system gets a complete overhaul and some minor skills updates with Update 29. You’re gonna have to re-do all your points next time you log in.

I don’t know how I feel about the new Champion Point systems. In my first cursory try out, my Dragonknight Tank magicka recovery seemed to be affected by a huge margin. She did not have enough magicka to cast. Maybe I have allocated the wrong points or slotted the wrong CP skill. I will have to re-do my points allocation and kept on experimenting. That sounds like a lot of work, lol. Fortunately, in the next two weeks, all respec are free.

Definitely worried about my build. They talked about needing to specialize more and reining in balance and stuff and I’m like “that’s great and everything, but I kinda like being able to just facetank everything in solo content and most public dungeon fights”. With my archer/dual blade sorceror in medium armor. you know. classic tank archetype.

Yeah, for casual player, not min-maxing type, this change is quite complex to grasps!

I don’t know if Magcro got a buff or what, but I haven’t even bothered allocating my CP yet and I’m just mowing fools down at a much better rate than I did. I’m pretty pleased with U29 so far!

Wow, that was fantastic.

Wow. I know a lot of people here are not hard core PvP Cyrodiil players like me, but what the combat team (Brian Wheeler) just did to PvP is so outrageously bad, I cannot believe they actually did it. I haven’t played since October since I usually take a break and then start back up if the Feb DLC is any good.

I do still follow the forums and noticed they were doing a NO PROC test. OK no prob. It will be interesting to see the results. The test indicated clearly that the no proc environment did not have a significant effect upon lag. The server pop was good though, so lag was actually marginally worse.

Then they arbitrarily decided that they would extend the no proc set condition until this fall. 6 months. Because people were having so much fun. How this was determined I am still trying to figure out. Was it bird entrails? Certainly it doesn’t sound very scientific.

It’s a terrible decision. There are perhaps now a dozen sets you can use. Why not just make one campaign a no proc set campaign?

On the one hand, I hope they revisit this decision before the Fall DLC. On gripping hand, it’s not the end of the world if I don’t need to indulge one of my dirty habits for six months.

FWIW I play a magblade (worst PvP class right now) with Caluurian and Mechanical Acuity. I deconned my bright throats boast and other stat armors ages ago. I don’t think I could gank anybody right now. Not even going to try.

Edit: LOL BTB is a proc set. I meant Shacklebreaker.

So I’ve had this since 2014 and I’m pretty sure I have all but the most recent two expansions (Greymoor, Blackwood). I think the cheapest way to get them both is to just get the Blackwood Collection. It appears to have all previous DLCs in case I missed one at one point. And I sub for sure anytime I play this for a few months. All the perks are totally worth it.

btw, did they do a graphics upgrade in the last year or so? I swear it looks a lot better (not that it was every bad).

I don’t think they did an engine upgrade but definitely every DLC looks much better, perhaps they have higher quality textures.

@Vic_Davis I played a lot in Cyrodiil over the years as ranged DPS and lately a healer. They killed the fun for me when they forced healers to group up to heal. I always enjoyed being able to heal people on the fly and that’s gone now. Makes me sad. I’ve stopped playing again and don’t know if I’ll be back.

I thought they were talking about changing it so that you could get heals from non-group members but I took my break back in October and only skim the boards occasionally. I think their argument was performance but like so many of the tests that they have run, the results and any changes that they have made have had zero impact on the lag.

It’s a real shame because I love this game and I love Cyrodiil when it works. I admit to having a rose tinted / halcyon mythic love of the first two or so years. Maybe the lag was just as bad back then? I do know that I really enjoyed the game before the Champion Point system and the Great Magicka / Stamina split. I’ve stuck through it with all the changes over the last 7 years. It’s always been fun even if it was laggy or the meta sucked.

This no proc change is just not very well thought out. I haven’t even checked but I would suspect the server pops are terrible. They weren’t great back in October. By the time I take my break I literally know the names of almost everybody who plays when I do. Everybody likes to complain about how no proc doesn’t require any skill yadda yadda but the developers built a combat system where you have 90% sets having proc conditions. And skill is over-rated. Good ping wins when the players are close to evenly matched. Anyway, like you I’ll be taking a break. It does make me sad though. Usually I spend a good chunk of May and June ganking Tyros. :)

Healing has now changed back so you can heal others not in your group.

OK, good to know. Thanks.