The Elder Scrolls Online

If you buy regularly from them, you gather XP and “level up” which just gives you a small extra discount.

That’s true. I went ahead and bought the Standard Edition. Thanks for the push I needed.

Tons of content to run through this weekend!

ESO continues its rapid update cadence with Gates of Oblivion on June 1st. Great cinematic. It adds companions-- everybody gets a Lydia!

I would watch an Elder Scrolls movie.

I watched the Twitch reveal and it seems they are remaking the Champion skills tree too. You can now “equip” the champion skill that you put points into. I guess it will make each character really unique but I thought it overly complicates the build.

Wow that’s a hell of a trailer.

So champion points are no longer passive? Or they’re adding active ones?

Yeah, ESO cinematics are shockingly good. They don’t compete with Blizzard, but they release like 3x as often.

I didn’t catch whether they will still be passive, but definitely there are some you have to slot to make active.

Instead of having 9 “constellations”, they now have only 3. When clicking each of these 3 constellations, there will be, I forget, maybe 10-12 stars. Each star can be given points unlike the old system where you only give points to a few stars, the other stars unlocked when you have a total of 30, 75 and 120 points.

You can drag these stars that you have given point to into a bar at the top to make them active. There seems to be 4 slots for each constellation.

So…Gates of Oblivion is the name of the overarching storyline, and Blackwood is the name of the actual expansion?

Is there a DLC in the Spring?

Yeah for the past several years they’ve done that. There’s a main paid expansion with a large zone then a dlc follow-up with a smaller zone six months or so later.

I’m more interested in the movie than the game. When does the movie come out?

So I tried this again and got a character to level 13 and now it’s starting to feel a bit tedious. I don’t know why. The voice acting is good. There are a lot of quests. Maybe it’s because I don’t know and have no interest in the lore and don’t really care whether the invaders I’m defending against succeed or fail.

The combat seems a bit lackluster to me so that contributes a bit to my slight boredom with it. I wish I liked it better but if I had to choose between ESO with free to play or subscription WoW, I’d go with the latter. Maybe I’ll give LotR Online or Dungeons and Dragons Online a go.

Maybe try FFXIV if you’re after an MMO fix?
I had a ton of fun with it during lockdown. It has a nice story that pulls you through the levels and the dungeons are well made.

Suggest trying one of the expansion areas, they’re more self-contained and generally higher quality.

Do I need to subscribe to get access? I have the base game and nothing else as far as I know.

Not a bad idea since I hear a lot of good things about it.

If you subscribe you get access to everything, but only while you subscribe. Or you can buy the game in its most recent omnibus edition and get all but the most recent expansion forever, or you can buy each expansion individually as DLC.

Pretty sure even subscribers have to pay for the most recent expansion. Maybe more than one. Just the $40 expansions, though, not the DLC zones.

You’re right, subscribers need to buy the most recent one too. Not previous ones, they turn into DLC as each new one is released.

That said, there is no reason to do that when you’re just trying out the game. It’s taken me hundreds of hours to approach being ready (in content release order) to get into Greymoor (the current expansion) and they’re already ramping up for another one. (I’m just about poised to dip into Southern Elsweyr, so, it could still be weeks.) I’ve been much more thorough in questing than you actually have to, but still. So much content under that subscription.

Right, while the newer zones are better than the older ones, even Morrowind is really excellent.