The endorsement that many have been waiting for

Gore endorses Obama.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I say. I expected him to endorse Nader.

Yeah, not sure why this is being made out to be significant at this point.

C’mon, you know there were at least a few Futurama fans holding their votes until this announcement.

Thank god he made his preference known when it counted!

At least he didn’t wait for supreme court deliberations to declare a preference.

The endorsement I’ve been waiting for is the one by NoWayJose, though Dirt’s will be almost as fun.


Gore won my vote in 2000* with the words, “Put the dice away, or else I’m taking them away.”

*I was 17 in 2000, but it’s still a good story.

You missed it.

It was a tearful apology.

Gore had written a letter endorsing Obama years ago, but he kept it in the lockbox with the original plans for the internets and forgot where he put the key.

Neither candidate has ponied up enough money to earn my endorsement yet. Though I hear McCain is talking about getting rid of the AMT, and that might seal the deal!

In Al’s defense, its possible that he wanted to keep his powder dry so as to be seen as a “Party Elder” if Hillary took her fight to the convention.

Also, he might realize his endorsement has been the kiss of death. (Dean?..anyone…anyone…Dean? )

Hey, the only one responsible for fucking up Dean’s candidacy was Dean.


Actually no, to be perfectly frank I have no idea what happened there. He was a much better candidate than Kerry, and there are worse things someone can do than get a little rowdy with their supporters. So, yeah. Maybe it was Gore? Who knows.

I’m afraid for the Democrats they’ve built up such an image of being the underdogs (I almost typed undergods, freudian slip?) that whoever builds up the most mutnemom wins.

Dean was about a year or two ahead of the public with his stance on the war. He was already looking like a bit of a weirdo when the “yell” incident happened, and that was enough for people to push him off the table.

This endorsement is meaningless. Not endorsing him would have been a story - if any Democrat doesn’t endorse Obama after Hillary Clinton herself did, it’s a major snub.

So has Lieberman endorsed McCain for the general or what?

Uhhh…yeah. I think, is there a difference?

I would think the only question left is will Joe - former Democratic VP candidate, one heartbeat from the Presidency - Lieberman will give a Zell Millertastic speech at the GOP convention.

What’s the over under? 40%?

EDIT: This is kind of fun - Lieberman as McCain’s VP. Why? 'Cause Florida.
And Florida means old Jews.