The Equivalence Relation Thread

Rather than everyone yelling things like “But I need to know when, given some particular set, a relation can be defined upon that set which splits the set up into disjoint subsets whose union is the original set! Perhaps we should consider things in each subset as equal to each other and maybe call this a partition!”.

Post sets along with some binary relation that partitions the set here. Then it’s open season to find homomorphisms among and between any set that ends up here.

Equivalence will be judged on:
1)Reflexivity: a ~ a
2)Symmetry: if a ~ b then b ~ a
3)Transitivity: if a ~ b and b ~ c then a ~ c.

All these can be rated on a binary scale where 0 equals “fuck no this doesn’t hold” and 1 equals “oh hell goddamn yes this requirement holds”.

Let’s start with this:
I give it a 1/0/1.

Get yr equivalence class on.

Pssh, everything’s a warmed-over ring.

FUCKING LIES! I demand merely one binary relation, not two!

Also too, no homomorphism = FAIL.

This thread is hella nerdy.

The set of all Qt3 threads.


Thread A Is-Derived-From Thread B when the existence of thread A can be attributed to a theme or statement which originated in Thread B. So, for example. The Equivalence Relation Thread Is-Derived-From The Equivalence Thread

I give this a 0/0/0

The statement Thread A Is-Derived-From Thread A is not always true (and, in fact, may always be false pending some further axioms relating to Thread Creation)

Due the way time works if Thread A Is-Derived-From Thread B then the reverse probably can’t hold.

If Thread A Is-Derived-From Thread B and Thread B Is-Derived-From Thread C then is it always the case that Thread A Is-Derived-From Thread C? I think the answer is no. If, for example, this thread were to become derailed into a discussion of pancakes and someone were to create a thread polling people on prefered pancake types, could it be said that the pancake thread Is-Derived-From the original equivalence thread? That would be insanity!

Am I doing it right?

Also, I like blueberry pancakes.

Is this the transitive property of thread topic derivation? If so, I demand more booze.

This thread needs more Venn diagrams.

I’m sure it’s been done before but fuck it:

Be not afraid of equivalence, false or otherwise.

I’m in Venn-heaven! Thanks!

That last graph did not in any way resemble a tasty pancake.