The Eternals - Chloe Zhao takes on Jack Kirby's weirdness

Separate thread for the film since it has its official teaser trailer.

Here’s the poster:

This is Ma Dong-seok, who is in Eternals

This is Benedict Wong who is in Dr. Strange

Am I imagining the likeness?

The lead guy also looks waaaay too much like Sebastian Stan for my liking. But aside from that nitpick, this looks goddamn excellent. I also like that I have no idea if all of that is just backstory in the first 10 minutes, or if that’s the whole movie- them moving through the ages, helping humanity bringing them up to the modern Era. I’m so excited for this.

Most people will know him as Robb Stark from Game of Thrones.

Oh, yeah! That’s where I’d seen him before. Still. Dude looks like SS.

“We have watched and guided. We have helped them progress and seen them accomplish wonders. Throughout the years we have never interfered.”

Uh… Hey lady! What do you think “guiding” is all about? Also, just showing up in a visible spaceship to primitive people is interference.

“We’ve never interfered, except for that time we gave them knives, built them cities, and saved them from danger. Our policy of non-interference is very important to us!”

I assume their version of non-interference matches Kirk’s. As long as it doesn’t bother him, it’s fine. Get in his way, and the Prime Directive can pound sand.

Meh, I took that as “never interfered when they did something stupid”. War, etc.

Hunh. Weird. I thought they hired Gemma Chan to play an Eternal after using her in Captain Marvel for some Eternal story shenanigans, (like Minn-Erva was secretly an Eternal or something) but it appears that’s not the case. Feige just wanted to use her again in another role.

Totally understandable, IMO

So true. I’m sure I’ll be over it by the time the movie comes out, but watching the trailer for the first time their similarity was actually distracting.

Also, did I see The Flash (well, the actor who plays him) in there? Or was that another actor with razor-sharp cheekbones?

That interpretation leads to great visuals.

That’s like the perfect teaser trailer, because I still genuinely don’t really know what to expect. Thanks for not giving the whole movie away! Why are they choosing to get involved NOW? I don’t know!

I kinda have a natural aversion to Angelina Jolie, for some reason, and I wasn’t thrilled when they announced her casting, but this does look good, and I mean…of course I’ll go see it. Feige has amassed enough goodwill that I’ll just go see anything he gives us, carte-blanche, for the foreseeable future, anyway.

I know you aren’t supposed to think critically in a Marvel movie, but still… the teaser made me laugh in a pair of points:


“We have guided them… helped them progress” and shows scene giving a weapon and then someone training with a staff.
Motherfuckers introduced weapons and the art of war to some innocent primitive tribe!

“Through the years we have never interfered”. Uhh Except for the part of helping them with agriculture, giving them weapons and making them advance. As you showed 20 seconds before in the teaser.

What, never?

No, never!

What, never?

Hardly ever!

We’ve hardly ever interfered!

No, I don’t think these two faces are similar (having lived in China for over a decade).

In the context of the trailer where you only see him in the background, and the high likelihood you watched it on a 6 inch screen, I wondered if it was Benedict Wong for a moment too.

When the focus is on him, you can see it’s not. But in shot? I can see it.

So Gemma Chan is in this? I guess now @tomchick will have to watch. ;)