The Eternals - Chloe Zhao takes on Jack Kirby's weirdness

Jon Snow is in, too!

Too bad he knows nothing.

Cut off one Stark and two more take his place.

(Stolen from a comment elsewhere)

Tony and Robb both had a problem with metal to the heart.

I feel like y’all have not seen Train to Busan, and you need to remedy that posthaste.

That’s the Korean zombie movie, right?

Hard pass.

Why aren’t these guys all 50 feet tall in clunky red/blue/red armor and helmets? I feel cheated!

Those are Celestials.

I feel like I saw this teaser five years ago.

Wow, it is a GOT reunion. Robb Stark, Jon Snow, and GOT composer Ramin Djiwadi is handling the score.

If Phase 4 brings the mutants in, Arya and Sansa are waiting in the wings.

I’d much rather they bring back Famke Jansen if they go that route.

Emilia Clarke has been cast for one of the Marvel shows too, Secret Invasion I believe. And of course we’ve already got Tyrion.

Maaaaaaaannnnnnnn. Hard to separate the performance from the material, for sure, but I was uh not inspired by Turner’s performance in the X-Babies movies.

Yeah, I don’t think she becomes the next Jennifer Lawrence for sure.

Where’d Jennifer Lawrence go, since you mentioned her? Did she have projects stall out during the pandemic, or did she just step back from the spotlight for unrelated reasons?

She took a break from acting after Red Sparrow. Was very public about it. Got married. Then COVID hit. But she’s going to be in a new movie with Leonardo Di Caprio soon.

Don’t Look Up is an upcoming American black comedy film written, co-produced, and directed by Adam McKay. The film features an ensemble cast led by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, who portray two low-level astronomers attempting, via a media tour, to warn mankind about an asteroid that will destroy Earth.

The top dude is the tough guy in Train to Busan. The bottom dude is Benedict Wong (photo from Gemini Man). Not hard to tell.

The Eternals comics are very weird and very much nothing to do with the MCU. It will be interesting to see how they close the loop on that. It’s a pity in many ways that the Inhumans TV series was apparently not good as that might have been a better new grouping to bring in which would also help them eventually introduce Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel).

It got me goosebumps. cant wait to see it in theaters.

The old Eternals, perhaps, but Gaiman’s miniseries on the Eternals would fit right into the MCU with hardly a blink. Briefly summarized:

Eternals have existed on earth since ancient times, but suffered collective amnesia due to betrayal (which explains why they didn’t fight Thanos). A Celestial (whose creation the Eternals are) is buried on earth, starts waking and plans to “Judge” the Earth, and the whole thing is then a race to stave off the apocalypse; i.e., pretty standard superhero fare. Doesn’t look like that is the story they decided to go with, but compared to much of the rest of this phase, if they had, it would have been the most standard superhero fare of any of the movies announced so far.