The Eternals - Chloe Zhao takes on Jack Kirby's weirdness

So, what you’re saying are, the Eternals are your typical JRPG story?
Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just funny to me.

“Final” trailer dropped.

First photo looks weirdly like Peter Serafinowicz.

I don’t think I can care less about this movie. The trailer left me cold. Just a bunch of supermans and CGI. Yuck.

It is very pretty.

I would agree, if Feige and team didn’t have such a solid track record. I’ll give it a shot on good faith alone.

I skip more MCU movies than I watch, but Chloe Zhao’s name will get me to see just about anything.

I must be in the minority. I thought it was a great trailer.

Looks great to me. Having less familiarity with The Eternals in the books will make this fresher for me than anything else they’ve done so far. Looking forward to it.

Yeah, I have no idea what an Eternal is or who almost anyone in this movie is, or what this movie is even remotely about.

I’mma watch it, though, cuz MCU.

I liked it too. Looks great and I’m at least intrigued, so I’d say it worked.

Looks like a great movie for me to watch on Disney+ after 45 days.


There are movies I will go see in theater (separate from Covid angle, as I do have a nice drive in nearby), and there are movies I will watch at home.

And with 3 kids under 7 and the nearest relative 2000 miles away I am very specific about the films I’ll make the effort for.

Shang Chi I will absolutely burn my movie allotment for, Eternals I will not. But heck yeah D+

Been quite interested about this movie for a while, since I really liked what Gaiman did with them. This trailer makes it seem like standard, uninspired cookie-cutter superhero fare.

Also the “Why didn’t you fight Thanos” Q&A has to be one of the worst pieces of exposition I’ve seen in an MCU movie yet. Whatever happened to show don’t tell…

My mind just can’t fit Angelina Jolie into the MCU. It just doesn’t feel authentic.

I doubt they’re going with a Eternals fighting Deviants standard superhero movie.

I certainly hope not. But there’s really nothing to suggest otherwise in that trailer. Big bad. Heroes fighting Deviants. One-liners.

It’s not often I find a trailer to directly lower my expectations for a movie, but… achievement accomplished.

Interestingly, my 14-year-old has been going through all the Marvel movies lately, and she’s very excited about The Eternals.