The Everything Else forum is whacked. Close it!

Just kidding, but it is a mess.

I just clicked in here by accident (I generally dwell only in the games section), and man, what the fuck is going on here?! The whole fiction collaboration thing, and just lame fiction, and the wumpus-murph feud (so strange to see the resident board troll pick on the nicest guy in the forum; what gives wumpus? I thought you only picked fights with the people who really hate you?) is all just distasteful.

Really, this entire sub-forum should be filled with funny shit by Erik and Sparky. Thats it. Just Erik and Sparky. That is all.

Congratulations. You’re now part of the problem.

Gotta agree. That post by Erik on voting rights was hee-larious!

About as hee-larious as a Martin Lawrence comedy.