The Ex-Xbox

I’ve now gone through 2 XBoxes in 2 days! WTF?

First a set of bad cables on a used box, and now a brand new machine that went belly up after about 45 minutes of use. Pretty sure it’s the hard drive since the first symptom was a frozen picture and an endlessly looping bit of dialogue on a DVD.

Honestly, I’ve never had a console die on me before. I treat these machines very nicely. I still own a working Saturn that I “internationalized” myself.

Maybe I should just go ahead and get a PS2 after all…

And here I am with a nearly two year old Xbox (with one of the dreaded Thompson optical drives no less!) and not a single problem. Either I’m exceptionally lucky, you’re exceptionally not, or some combination of the two.

Yeah, ditto. I bought mine day one and haven’t had problems with it. :)

I bought a first-gen Xbox used and haven’t had any problems with it, so throw me in the lucky category. Though the fact that it’s the least played console by far may have something to do with that.

Good thing they are cheap :D

More important than cheap, they’re returnable…

I have to believe what I have here is a bit of bad luck, and I’m a sample of one, so go figure.

At least it broke within the 7 day return period…

Bad luck on your part, I’d reckon. I’ve got a newer Xbox (about four months old) and it’s worked flawlessly so far.

Ditto on all of that for me, too. :D

If you folks have first run Xboxes, they probably have that Thompson drive in them that eventually does quit. It’s been a real problem for Microsoft. So much so, they don’t even hassle people at all that call with that drive going bad.


My Thompson works just fine.

Well, the new one is up and running…

So far so good.