The Exorcist (2016) on FOX.


So 2 episodes in and I am really liking this and I think its the scariest show on tv right now.
I figured it was time for its own thread.

How about the end of the 2nd episode! All your organs belong to us. D:


Quite enjoying this also. I like the hints of a larger story - the Pope’s visit being the obvious focus down the road, and seeing how that ties into the exorcism plotline. Photography and such is great as well, and I’ll watch anything in that can maintain a creepy, unsettling vibe for any amoutn of time, so yeah, this is my jam.

I read that viewership dropped for the second episode, which is a shame because yeah, that ending.

That murder scene in the house was terrific. Really tense and unsettling. I’d noticed the kid riding around in a couple of earlier scene and wondered how it was going to tie in. Also great, in addition to that organ harvesting, was the final shot, in which haunted priest stares out the window at the creepy He is Coming billboard advertising the Pope’s visit. (or is it?). Good stuff. I’m all in.


OK, watched episode two and am now trying in vain to scrub the holy water - puking scene from my memory forever. Holy crap…

The end scenes were incredibly creepy and jumped the plot to a whole new level. When Marcus said he thought there was more than just the one demon that was tormenting the family…I’m not sure how two priests are supposed to combat all that evil, especially since it looks like Marcus might be a tad light on faith and thus powerless to do much…


Yesssssss the pea soup was strong in that scene. :D


How about that subway ride! D:

Seriously people this show is great, more of you should give it a chance.


Catching up on it on Hulu right now. Loving it. Got the DVR set to record it now. They did well with casting the two priests.


I thought that scene was really well done. From the start when the camera would show someone on the train mulling over the decision to step in and help Kacey, to the point where she gives in and pretty much summons the demon, and then when she goes nuts on the guy and people all whip out their cell phones…it was fantastic. I couldn’t believe the guy was still alive…yikes.

This show really is far better than I’d imagined it would be. I really like that the plot is centered on something far larger than just Kacey being possessed, and that Father Tomas and Father Marcus are desperately trying to not only save Kacey, but foil the larger plot as well. Very cool scenes with the Vatican guys this time around, and an unexpected olive branch to Father Marcus. My son says he wants to be Vatican Security now since they get to drive around in awesome cars wearing nice suits and fight demons and stuff. ;-)


I didn’t love the subway scene as much as you all, but the show is good. I enjoy the looming conspiracy, the Vatican infighting, the signs of doom (immolating dudes! organ harvesting!) the sibling rivalry and how it feeds into the structure. Great stuff. Also happy to see Alan Ruck get work, since he’s my celebrity doppleganger.

The creepy old dude who is the demon personification is very well done, too. Besides the ick factor built into the age difference, I dig how the costuming gets progessively damper and more rotten with each new appearance.


This past weeks episode I learned hugs release demons.


So I guess you’d have to be familiar with the book/movie to get the significance of last episodes ending. Because holy shit - I wasn’t expecting that!


Yes I had to google what the name in the bible meant. :)

I am a bit confused what the demon did to the husband, did he put a evil suggestion in his mind?


I’m pretty sure that the demon told her husband who she really was (Regan), and she’d been living a lie as “Angela.” Hence, throwing the Bible at her and telling her to confess.
(Until she revealed she was the original Regan to Father Tomas, I thought the husband had been told by the demon about an affair she’d had.

I’m really missing the show tonight, World Series or not!


Epic Exorcism! And I am sad this doesn’t look like its going to get a full season. :(


Season Finale coming this week. The most recent episode was pretty good stuff. It certainly looks like they’re setting this up to be a one-season show though. I suppose it could end with the family finally being free of the demon and Marcus and Thomas (or maybe just Thomas) moving on to the next city with another family or situation that requires their services, though I’m not sure how you top demons trying to kill the Pope!


Yeah its all wrapping up to be a great single season. So many deaths this past episode!


That was one of the best finale’s I have seen. If its is only one season and done, at least they wrapped it up well enough.



Agreed. I was pleased with the finale, and it can stand nicely on it’s own as a series finale if need be. They wrapped up the Papal visit subplot, seemed to banish Pazuzu for good, left the family in a place that would serve well as an endpoint, and the priests as well. Everything had nice closure, yet the strings are there to pull a plot for another season too. I’ve no idea how successful the show was, but I’d watch another season.

I’m not sure I’d want Geena Davis and her family back again, but if they did something kind of like American Horror Story, where they focused on a different plot in a different location with different players excepting Father Marcus and Father Tomas it could be very entertaining for another season or two.


The daughter with the twice broken leg can come back for season 2. ;)


Holy shit. Defying any known parameters, FOX just renewed the show.

(From a personal standpoint, that’s great–I’ve heard mostly good things about it, I just never watched because I figured it was a blip and gone series, based on ratings and the way it was treated by the network. But hey, a second season. Now it’s on my watch radar.)