The Exorcist (2023) - Can David Gordon Green screw up another reboot trilogy?

You don’t understand how being forced to helplessly watch your child’s mental and physical health completely fail while their very identity is replaced by something hideously evil is supposed to be scary?

I mean, I can understand not being scared by it (I wasn’t either), but I’m not sure how the concept would elude someone, even absent a religious bent.

What are your favorites? Shaun of the Dead and Cabin in the Woods are probably the top two for me, personally.

understand that for me personally, I know horror when I see it so even a movie like Army of Darkness counts (even though it might be mostly comedy). A lot of horror movies aren’t necessarily scary (or lose scariness with age, e.g. Gremlins, which I mostly found more thrilling as a kid anyway. But I still look at it as horror). Other people will disagree about what might count as horror but I don’t give two fucks.

I will miss a bunch I’m sure.

I love both Shaun and Cabin. Masterpieces (and Cabin, especially, is such a layered and wonderful thing; horror, comedy, deconstruction, and more). I really like World’s End too. But I don’t like it on the level of Shaun. But then I’ve seen Shaun a thousand times.

Gremlins 1 & 2 (man, 2 is a weird movie)
Night of the Creeps
Evil Dead 2
Army of Darkness
The Babysitter
Arachnaphobia (I will never watch it again though)
Mom and Dad
Ready or Not
The Wolf of Snow Hollow (impossible to overstate my love for this movie)
Trick r’ Treat (anthology with a neat approach to being an anthology, clever stories, and good use of humor throughout)
Club Dread

Maybe we should do a discussion thread about horror comedy. It’s such a great subject.

Considering I saw it when I was 10, I guess perhaps that angle might make more sense to me if I recontextualized the movie by watching it again as an adult, I suppose.

I just remember not buying into the premise. And if a movie can’t convince you to buy into the premise, none of it works. That’s true of science fiction, fantasy premises as well as supernatural ones.

We have our new Regan.

Ha, I totally forgot there was another Exorcist movie on the way. I think I’ll just wait for the inevitable Red Letter Media review.

I’m dismayed to hear the super lame stock demon-possessed voice effect being used instead of something more low-key menacing like Mercedes McCambridge’s work in the original.

Looks like a generic modern possession movie with the IP name stapled to it.

Probably preceded by a Kermode rant.

It looks so, so generic.

Unless the reviews are just glowing, I think I’m going to be able to resist my curiosity on this one. Especially after Gordon-Green’s abortion of a Halloween reboot.

I’m sort of leaning further into the camp of “yes, DGG can screw up another reboot” right now. But hope springs eternal!

… I liked the Halloween reboot. The 3rd one sucked but it could have been good if they’d reversed the order of the movies.

Taylor Swift more powerful than the demon Pazuzu confirmed.


The presence of the creepy cultist lady from Hereditary means that I will at least watch this on streaming.