The Expanse (SyFy)


SyFy has ordered up a ten-episode first run of The Expanse, based on James S. A. Corey’s novels. Probably won’t start airing until next year.

— Alan


Hooiooooooooly crap! I just began the second book in the series and loooooooving it, so I hope this goes.well!


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Just read the synopsis on wikipedia. Seems pretty interesting. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.


The first book was amaaaaaaazing, and the second has been great. Based on the article, it looks like season 1 will be book 1.


Agreed that book 1 was fantastic. I really hope that they dont do this on the cheap though. SyFy is notorious for its “B” movie level productions. I would be far more enthused if this were being run on HBO or Showtime instead of SyFy. Im afraid they wont do it justice.


It’s “Syfy” people, not “SyFy”. Don’t try to half-ass the terribleness of the new name.


I had heard of this but was not aware that Corey was a pen name for Daniel Abraham and some other guy. I really need to read sone of Abraham’s stuff at some point.


I thought the same thing and was pretty disappointed, at least with the first book in the Long Price Quartet.




i recall wanting to like these books. i think i got about 1/2 way through the first one and put it down. maybe ill try to pick it up again.




I think he’s saying they’re really heavy.


I thought Leviathan Wakes was terrible as well. I did finish it, but the book gets really stupid once the primary plot starts rolling. It’s mostly faded from my memory now, but as I recall the characters make incredibly bad decisions, and those decisions were presented as the “only way” when there were obvious better choices. Stuff that was on par with “let’s follow the trail of blood down into the basement - what could possibly go wrong?”

I wasn’t going to say anything - this thread should really be for the fans of the books - but “how could anyone possibly not like it” was too much for me to pass by.


I really enjoyed the trilogy, and I should really be excited at the prospect of a series set in a near-future spacefaring society. But… it’s Syfy. When was the last time they actually did something decent?


Wasn’t Battlestar Galactica a Syfy series? Granted thats a long time ago and that when it was Sci Fi.


This series and the Long Price Quartet are extremely different for books by the same author. If you like one you may not like other. I enjoyed them both but they occupy different author slots in my head they are so different. The Long Price is up there with the very best written fantasy, Gene Wolf etc, while his Corey stuff reads like a forgotten 70s scifi novel.

(the Long Price really comes together once you move to the next book and you see the scope of what series is doing)


The Battlestar Galactica rebootimakagining ended five years ago!? My god.


I meant that more as a rhetorical question, but let’s dig in a bit.

There’s Sci Fi Pictures, which seems to be a huge pile of dreck… but you can find the occasional little nugget of goodness in there, like Dog Soldiers and Battle:Los Angeles… but then you dig deeper and realize that Dog Soldiers was simply released in the US under the Syfy banner (it was not associated with them in production), and that it’s not the Aaron Eckhard 2011 film, it’s actually “Battle of Los Angeles”, a straight-to-disk film. The rest seems to be “Dinoshark” and its ilk.

It seems to do better with series… maybe. It airs all sorts of stuff that wouldn’t get a shake on network TV… or maybe I should have said “wouldn’t have gotten” given that network stuff seems to be second-tier nowadays. So stuff like BSG, Doctor Who, Alphas, Dresden Files, MST3K, Sliders, and Stargate variants end up getting shown on there. And that’s great – Syfy ponies up the money to the production companies (NBC Universal for BSG, MGM for Stargate, etc.) so they should get some of the credit for those shows even if they are not really responsible for their creation.

BUT, Syfy has a production company that creates series shows for the network, and their history is a little more spotty. Most of it is reality fare, but it does sport Eureka, which I think was supposed to be decent. And reading the (sparse) Variety article, it seems like the production is being done outside of Syfy, so maybe that’s good.

As an aside, Abraham has a bunch of aliases: Abraham, Corey, Hanover. Another series of his is The Dagger & The Coin, set in a fairly cool fantasy world.


This little blurb from Syfy’s website does offer some hope.

The script is being developed by Academy Award-nominated duo Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (Children of Men, Iron Man) with the Alcon Television Group.
It seems like the script writing is in good hands.