The Expanse (SyFy)


Season Two is killing it so far. 3 episodes in and it’s been a fantastic mix of tense action, political intrigue and science/alien mystery. The characters are starting to come together a little more, making them each more likable in their own way.

[spoiler]The only arc I’m not liking is Miller. I never really got his weird crush/love for the missing girl, and his actions during the raid this season were contradictory, first telling the belters not to shoot the scientists, then doing the exact opposite himself. I get that he thought the guy would use his position to weasel out of any punishment, but it seemed like a really stupid thing for an otherwise smart guy to do given that he’s fully aware of the situation on Eros and the need to find a cure and/or way to fight whatever it is they’re up against.

The Martian Marines as new characters are interesting. I’m assuming their story will intersect with that of the main characters soon. Also, the Mormons aren’t going to be too pleased when they learn about Miller’s plan for their Exodus ship![/spoiler]


Still not out in the UK (on Netflix - I assume it’s airing on Syfy if you have cable/Sky). I don’t think there’s been an official announcement, but hopefully it will go up on Netflix as soon as the linear season ends.


Yeah, also waiting for it to pop up on Netflix. I was hoping they had a deal akin to Better Caul Saul where a new episode is made available outside the US within 24 hours after being aired in the US.


How well do the seasons match up to the books? I read the first 3 books years ago and I wonder if I can just watch the first 2 seasons and then follow from book 3.


Crap guys, I’m sorry. Didn’t know season two wasn’t airing in the UK yet, and didn’t mean to spoil anything. I’ll put any further discussion into spoiler tags.


I found season one a bit slow but still enjoyable. Season two has really ramped up the action and storyline, really enjoying it now.


Been a while since I read the books, but the show definitely moves things around for adaptation purposes. First season ends around Eros Station, which happens earlier in book 1. Yet one of the main POV characters introduced in book 2 is in season 1. And now, in the opening parts of season 2, I think the first chunk of book 2 happens parallel to the end of book 1. Things could change, but I wouldn’t think season 3 maps to book 3 1:1 based on the show run so far.


Spoilery spoilers

In the books, Miller is much older, so I got the feeling he had a fatherly vibe for Julie, not a creepy sex vibe that Thomas Jane has.

Also, Miller is definitely a flawed hero. He says smart stuff and then does dumb things, or at least things that make life harder. But it’s generally couched as the Lawful Good response, focused on justice.[/spoiler]


Slainte, we’re like complete opposites. I love Miller. The acting is good. As much as I liked the Bobby character, the Martian marines are starting to wear down my patience.


Yep, I Iike Miller as well. And he did explain the big problem you had in a conversation with Fred Johnson. What he did was a very human thing to do. No ones motivations are black and white and people often act in a contrary manner to what they say they believe. The scientist is clearly backed by very powerful and influential people and Miller believed that if the scientist was kept alive, another Eros would happen and on a larger scale. There was no way those powerful and influential people would not get that scientist back if he lived. Miller made sure that would never happen. I understood completely why he did it.


Don’t get me wrong, I like Miller as a character, I just don’t like that he’s gone steadily more wacky as events have unfolded. When he started out he was very cool under pressure, he pretty much owned that station, but as his investigation into the disappearance of the girl became more involved it seems like he’s come a little unhinged. I didn’t get his obsession over her, but it’s done so whatever. I just hope he evens out a little now that he seems to have a greater purpose.


Miller in the book (and I believe it is hinted at early in season one) is really not that well respected a cop. He has become sort of the old drinking detective on the beat who does things the easy way.


Yeah. Miller’s life is shit. He’s been doing the same thing god knows how long. There’s dirty things going on, certainly no idealism left. It’s at best wallow through filthy criminals and mandates from bosses to ignore even larger criminals. I think he’s even appointed to this because his boss doesn’t really think he’d actually solve the Julie Mao case. Then he falls for her. Not exactly just a creepy sexual thing. It’s like a midlife crisis and it gives him a reason to “do the right thing”. He’s latching on to this case.

Then damn, he meets wacko scientist in charge. This guy killed Julie Mao. But oh, better, he condems a whole station full of people to painful deaths. And now he’s gonna do it again? Fuck yeah, perfect excuse to do him right there and then.


“There’s no law. Just cops.”


I just started watching the show in fits and spurts while burping my newborn. It’s not an ideal way to give it my attention, but I make room where I can.

There are a lot of things to like here, and while I’m nonplussed by how they’ve rearranged our introduction to the characters and story compared to the books, and pleased by the attention to detail, I’m really not liking the production quality. My TV is not the greatest, but the background music/effects are like a blend of muted whalesong and static, and the voices are completely lost to the numbing background noise, so I turn it down and watch it all with subtitles.

I’m not enjoying the action/combat at all. The ham-handed marine fight on the Martian ship was really disappointing… the books made the marines feel like absolute killing machines, where here in the show they feel like typical extras. There was what felt like a ten minute sequence where the heroes where being shot at as they made their way down a bridge which was directed in the most static and boring way, with only cgi bullet sparks to liven the tedious thing up. And what’s up with the slomo zero-gravity scenes? You can move your limbs as fast as you want in zero-g, unless you’re wearing a 200 pound Nasa suit, which they are not. For all the budget they have at their disposal, it’s let down by the really poor direction for the action scenes.

Same for the space battle… really didn’t feel like the whole torpedo / countermeasure, rail gun progression was clear, logical, or even interesting. Which really bums me out, since I had been savoring a more submarine style of combat in a space show for once.

What’s with Amos? I get that they want a younger casting, but this little puggish upstart is a long way from the street tempered veteran of the drugland ghettos he’s supposed to be. And Naomi has very little grace for her role. All the barking makes her irritating.

Anyhow… I love the book series too much to give up on it, but overall I feel while the story is headed in all the right directions, the execution leaves much to be desired.


The casting is all over the place. Miller and Robbie are perfect, for example, as is Avarsarala. I never liked Holden, Amos reminds me too much of the Chief from BSG, and I’m just blah on Naomi.


I kind of felt the same way you did after the first episode. It does get better, or maybe you warm up to the style or accept it. It differs enough from the books that you have to just learn to enjoy what they show you and how they use the book. Things are shown in a different order sometimes from the book.


So far, I like S2 even more than I did S1, and I really liked their first season :)

I have not read the books, and I suspect that may help me enjoy the Syfy series more.


I think the Amos casting is great, particularly in season 2 he’s really doing a lot with the role.


While they may not all match the various idiosyncrasies that drive the characters in the books, I think that the cast is doing a pretty good job of capturing the essence and chemistry of the characters. While I did invision Amos as a bit more ragged and street worn, I think the portrayal captures his basic approach to life quite well. If you are part of his pack, he has your back all the way. If youre not, your life means very little to him and even less if you mess with his pack. I like Amos but he is one scary dude.