The Expanse (SyFy)


Season to is quickly marching along and I’m enjoying it thoroughly, though I don’t think Amos, Naomi and Alex are getting too much development-time.

[details=Not really spoilers, but still…]I like how they’ve added a few little mini-crises here and there to give each episode a little “punch”, like Holden having to kill the Doctors Without Gravity folks or Miller leading the assault a couple episodes back. That’s good, because the middle parts of each of the books tend to be very “talky”.

I do wonder what they’ll do with Thomas Jane. He’s pretty much been the star of the show the first season and a half, with Holden & Co. kind of being the “B” plot. If the season follows the book, he’ll have one or two more Miller-heavy episodes and then be relegated to “occasional plot contrivance” for quite some time (and maybe forever); popping up like Yoda’s ghost a couple times each season.[/details]


Loved this past episode. The interplay between Miller and the kid is great, I like Miller a whole lot more now that he’s not creepy dead girl crush guy. The confrontation with Holden helped too.

Amos continues to be amusingly awesome in every scene he is in. Alex definitely needs some additional screen time and fleshing out.

I wonder what will happen to the Mormon’s awesome seed ship now that it’s not smashed all to pieces? Will it just continue on that trajectory forever? Hopefully the Belter transport will go after it and the kid can fly it back to the station or something. The Mormons have to be pissed… =)


Have you read the books? The Naboo reappears.


This is obviusly a TV thread, a lot of us haven’t read the books yet (i only read the first one myself) so you should try to avoid spoilers or atleast hide them.


Sorry. I didn’t think it was much of a spoiler since there was no context as to how / where / when.


Since the ship wasnt destroyed as intended, saying that you will see it again without any context is really a non spoiler… its basically just common sense. I dont care for spoilers but calling this out as spoiler is kind of a stretch.

Now if he said Miller dies but dont worry he will be back! then that would be a spoiler and rather worthy of complaint.


Also it’s called the Nauvoo dammit.


Yup, after Nauvoo Illinois, the location of one of the first Mormon temples.


Holy crap.


No kidding, jeez.


Damnit, season 2 still hasn’t been launched on Netflix over here, and numerous people were buzzing about the recent episode in my Facebook feed. Meh!


Last night’s episode was so good.


I’ve not seen the episode yet, but in thinking about where we are in the book, this sounds right. ;-)


Kudos to Syfy. They are really doing The Expanse justice. This is the best thing they have done since early BSG.


‘looks at Netflix, sees it not available, is for the first time jealous of Canadian Netflix’


You could get a one month free trial of PlayStation Vue and then use your credentials to login in to the syfy app to watch this season.


Wait, this is available on Netflix Canada? I looked last week and it wasn’t there. It looks like it’s basically on Netflix everywhere except the US and Canada.


Well I apologize then! Being obviously not Canadian, I have not an easy way to check. So… I am now for the first time jealous of Netflix Brazil. There ;)


Watched my recorded episode last night. Help me understand what just happened…

Warning, serious spoiler below…do not read if you have not watched!

[spoiler]The proto-molecule “resurrected” Julie by basically merging with her consciousness and then recreating her physical form in the hotel room where she died. Because the proto-molecule hadn’t counted on absorbing a living being, she assumed a weird sort of control over it, and was essentially directing it’s course back to Earth because she wanted to go home (subconsciously, she had no idea what was actually happening). When Miller “woke” her, he convinced her to assert more control over Eros and…what?

It looked like they crashed into Venus? While that saves Earth, won’t the proto-molecule now be scattered all over Venus? And won’t the UN, Mars and Julie’s dad’s people be all about zipping over to Venus to reclaim the proto-molecule (which is obviously an astoundingly bad idea)? If Julie merged with it, why did nobody else on Eros merge with it? Or did they, and that was the “voices” being broadcast? Also, did Julie just short out Miller’s nuke? It seemed like it went dead after she touched it. [/spoiler]


Great questions. Keep watching. ;)