The Expanse (SyFy)


Word is Netflix likely passed but Amazon is still open to picking it up.


I saw The 100 got renewed… thats sorta scifi…


Ars had a funny take:

The series’ ratings were low enough that its prospects don’t look good, unlike [snip] Fox’s Brooklyn Nine Nine. [snip] That show consistently delivered more viewers in key demos and might have an audience less prone to piracy.


It’s accurate, but I think piracy is way less of a deal for things available on Amazon or Netflix on day 1. There are a lot of people who just don’t want to wait six months or whatever and who don’t have cable tv.


That sucks, its way better then killjoys.


They postponed the set deconstruction a couple of days until Wednesday, so there is probably at least a non zero chance the show gets picked up.

Everyone is tweeting at Amazon Studios.


Can someone explain the distribution contract for this show?

Alcon Entertainment is the production company, right? Syfy puts up the money and gets linear distribution (cable and their own streaming channel)? Who has the streaming rights and how has that been negotiated? Did Alcon retain those rights and were not allowed to put the show up on Amazon (in the US) until well after the season’s run on cable?

One thing that annoys the hell out of me about Syfy shows is that they are very hard to find and watch outside of their own ecosystem. In contrast, take a show like “The Good Doctor” on ABC(?). The wife and I never watch it when it airs on the channel, but we just cue it up on Hulu when we’re ready to watch.

With a show like The Expanse, we came to it late because we didn’t have the Syfy Channel and waited for season one to appear on Amazon. Once we were hooked, we by chance moved to a cable tier that had Syfy and were excited to watch season two but found that Syfy only keeps the last six episodes available and there was no way to watch the entire season without paying a la cart. So we waited again until Amazon Prime had the whole second season up to continue watching.

The whole experience was maddening as we were trying to find ways to watch the show, but it just wasn’t possible through the multiple (paid) services we use.


SyFy has their own stream on their website for the current season, but it requires a cable provider login. As for the particular contract, I expect that to be under proverbial locl and key yet there are likely boilerplate versions to be found.

I just hope and pray someone, somewhere does the right thing and pick up the show.


Someone raised money today to fly an airplane banner over Amazon Studios HQ tomorrow:


Yeah, pretty cool. Amazon is in the process of moving their Studio HQ from Santa Monica to Culver City, about 6 miles away, so they aren’t sure which address it the active one.

If anyone is local in LA and knows for sure which office is the active office chime in the reddit or discord.


That’s funny, I had no idea Amazon Studios was on the campus across the street from us here. Kudos to them for moving out of this shit traffic area though. I have no idea which office is active not but I’ll go outside and watch the plane if they send it here.


Silly question, but can you walk over and just ask which is the current main office if you are literally across the street?

Evidence suggests they are mostly still in Santa Monica and that’s the address they should target, but having a real person confirm would be great.


Well, across the street but not in the ‘5 min walk and back’ variety :D Hulu is at the upper left - this whole area is a giant maze of campuses and office complexes. They really should just call over there and ask so they hit the right place.


Yeah they tried but the phone goes to people doing the support in an entirely different location who said they don’t know the status of the move.


It doesn’t matter if the banner is over the right studio. At this point the people who need to know that The Expanse is available know, and now they know that a group of die hard fans are going to fly a banner. They know what a banner looks like, so the act of actually seeing it in the sky is unnecessary.

Besides the fact that you can see an airplane flying a banner from pretty far away, and they could probably fly it over both locations anyway.


Have they looked into the locations at all? They’re really not that far apart, distance-wise. It’s just 5 miles away. Maybe they can park it between the two or something.


I got caught up last night. I really can’t believe they canned this show. This is something that will be watched for many years to come as people find it because of a friend or fan. It’s that rare science fiction show where there’s as much emphasis on the science as the fiction AND it has real, believable interpersonal drama.



I don’t think they’ll be there long. They won a bidding war with Apple for Culver Studios.


Yeah, I saw that article which said they were already moving over. I wonder if they ever got their balloon together. I get out of this place at 3:30 every day to start the long journey home or I would’ve taken the 30 min walk to see if anyone was home. Working anywhere near Santa Monica is just about the worst job location in LA.