The Expanse (SyFy)


They got some good shots, in fact some writers and an actor were at Amazon Studio HQ to take video themselves!

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Ah cool, hopefully fan support saves the series somehow. I didn’t make it all the way through season 1 but was meaning to go back. I don’t suppose it ends somewhat decently if it doesn’t return, does it?


The writers have said it doesn’t end in a big cliffhanger, some speculate it wraps up the third book which wraps up the first trilogy in the series, so would be a decent stopping point.

Hype trailer:


I just don’t understand how this show hasn’t gotten better ratings. It’s almost as though other people have different tastes in TV than I do. That’s unpossible!


The fans are pushing the last episodes hard. Helps that that last two episodes have been especially great.


Tonight’s episode was one of the best of the whole series IMO.


Wow, that was like a season finale and we’re only half way through the season. Can’t wait to see what they do next.


This seems like a perfect binge show instead of week to week.


Completely agreed that last night’s episode was probably one of the best ever. The last 5 minutes were incredibly beautiful, haunting, and perfectly executed!


I just finished reading Book 3 and thought it was pretty Ho Hum. The story stalled a bit, but more than anything, I felt the authors struggled to find the proper tone between Firefly campy and Game of Thrones surprising violence. Here’s hoping the books improve.


I think book 3 was the worst book in the series so far, but I think it improves after that.


All caught up now; unfortunately, no news is probably bad news regarding the series getting picked up.


One bit of good news is they have postponed striking the sets after actually starting for 1 day. Here’s the latest statement from Alcon (production company).




Whoooo! I’m going to tell my Echo Dot that I love The Expanse. I’m sure they’ll get the message that way.


It is happening! #SaveTheExpanse worked.


That’s some shitty headline work right there, THR. To quote the first two paragraphs.

Amazon Studios is in talks to revive one of CEO Jeff Bezos’ favorite properties.

The retailer and streaming outlet is near a deal to revive space drama The Expanse for a fourth season just 10 days after Syfy canceled the series. Amazon Studios declined comment as sources note the deal is not closed.


Just watching last night’s show and was gratified to see David Strathairn (sp?) appear. His “Belterese” isn’t quite as convincing as Jared Harris’ but I like the actor so I’ll take it.


Sooo behind compared to some of you, but I just finished Season 2, and that was damn fine sci-fi!

Love they roasted the hybrid like a marshmallow, at least we know they can be killed.


I really liked him and I have no idea whose side he’s really on at this point. If anyone is reading this thread and wants to jump in at the middle though, this episode is the time to do it.