The Expanse (SyFy)


It sounds VERY South African to me. Especially Jared Harris.


Actually, I listened to clips of Harris’ performance again and it sounds like it’s influenced by other parts of Subsaharan Africa-- I’m really not competent to say from where:


For the book, the authors just winged it. But for the TV show they hired a linguist to design a creole language. Cara Gee said she can’t really speak with a Belter accent on the spot, she has to mark up all her lines in the script syllable by syllable and just memorize it.


I didnt want a weeks wait between so I held back on the series until this week. Ive watched the first 5 episodes and damn this season has been really good. I think its unfortuante for Syfy that they let this go over a bad contract because this is the kind of show they need. Excellent sci-fi. Now Amazon has it and I think they will regret losing it.


It was never about the quality - it was about eyes on the screen watching it live as it first aired, with ads.

Even for those WITH cable, the demographic that The Expanse appeals to is tech savvy and prone to torrent or stream it. The show reached a lot more people than those who watched it live or PVR watched it within 3 days of airing.

But those are the only eyeballs SyFy could count as far as its advertisers go. The Expanse was the prestige series on SyFy. And now it isn’t.

Now they are down to The Magicians.


I read that Drummer got her accent by copying Dawes’s accent from season 1.


BTW, who was the woman in last week’s show who planted the bomb? Was she OPA?


We don’t know who she is at this point.


If she’s opa her plan is really weird because it almost got the belters annihilated. If any faction it would more likely be a hardcore inner wanting that outcome.


I don’t think we’re supposed to know her allegiances yet.


I wonder if she’s a militant Mormon


The others call her Melba.


She’s gonna be toast.


She’s crackers, all right.


Wasn’t her face (forehead) glowing slightly blue in a few shots? I was assuming she was infected with the protoolecule.


No, I thought so too but when rewatching those segments of last week’s episode the only blue-ness was a reflection of the control panel that was glowing blue on the wall long before she did anything.


Spoiler about Melba: Not everybody hates Jules-Pierre.

And with that being said, the show doesn’t do Melba’s character justice if they don’t give some more of her backstory. Which I’m sure they’ll do.


Don’t know if it was protomolecule, but she definitely accessed something, some tech or drug, which enabled her to momentarily “Hulk out” and have the strength of ten women.


Not protomolecule.


Yeah, she seemed exhausted at the end.