The Expanse (SyFy)


curious if anyone agrees, I’ve been readying the books! Good novels, but I like the show better! This is extremely rare for me, and last one I could name is Puppet Masters! Anyone agree, other books not as good as show/movies based on them…


I agree with you on books vs show with Expanse. I’ve gone on about it upthread a bit. I just think the show generally handles the characters better, although this season has had Holden turn into Space Jon Snow a bit more than s1 and s2. Still great television.

And for a brief moment when you mentioned Puppet Masters, I was thinking of the b-movie horror flicks with the little evil puppets and was irrationally excited that there was a book. Then I realized you meant the alien sci fi classic.


True, but lack of air resistance amplifies the effect in space.


LOL, I actually thought the same thing! I was wondering if that was intentional, or just because he looks vaguely like him.

Now that would be awesome! I’d read that to!


In the book, as I recall, it is not that the electric shock knocked her out, it is that she is in a powered assisted Vac suit meant for moving large objects with enhanced mechanical strength. The short knocked out the power to her mechanically enhanced suit, effectively immobilizing her as a prisoner in the suit as the activators have locked up and Mao can no longer move in it.


I can’t remember how the book handled the scenes we were shown last night in the finale, but…

It seems like they made a big deal about nothing in the show. I mean why wouldn’t they just try the whole shutdown thing and see what happens? Did I miss a scene where they said that if they shut down their reactors that they might not ever be able to start them again, or something?

Overall the finale seemed kindof lifeless. Did they use up their Thomas Jane money in previous episodes? Having Holden’s interaction with him entirely on an external camera feed sucked the drama out of it in my opinion. Good to show it from someone else’s point of view, but then cut back into the room to the real conversation like they’ve done before.

And then it ends up being so simple a solution. Turn off your engines and the problem is solved! Why did the ring open up all the other portals? No answer. I’m pretty sure in the book Holden spends a lot more time in the central complex and Miller and gets a lot more info about what’s going on.

Oh well, on to Amazon, where maybe they can get more money for Thomas Jane!


Well, I guess I have at least a year to reread the books, because I don’t remember anything but the broad strokes either.


Cara Gee (Drummer) appears to be happy about season four:

Glad to see her back. “Now I know why you no need carry a gun.”


To answer one question…

So, they didn’t hit the point hard enough, perhaps, but it was pretty clear that they had two options, and could only do one.

Option #1. Listen to James Holden, shut down all of the reactors. Hope good things happen.

Option #2. Listen to Ashford, attempt to destroy the ring before the station could destroy Sol.

They kept harping on the fragility of the grid of the Behemoth (including in that episode). If they’d shut the reactor down, getting the grid back to the point that they could power the laser would have taken an indeterminate amount of time.

If the increasing waves from the station were it powering up a weapon, that weapon could reasonably be assumed to fire before they would be able to try the laser if they shut down the reactors on the Behemoth.

They greatly simplified the plotting for Book 3, and I think it worked. I can see where they pulled various pieces over (including from characters who were never introduced, and Drummer actually has taken over plot points from other characters in the series as well), but all in all, I like what they did.

And, had they not gotten picked up for Season 4, that would have been a satisfying end.


HALP! My TiVo recorded the last (double?) episode in a screwy way. Which one to watch first? Convergence? Or Abbadon’s Gate? It identifies both as S03E12.


Congregation, then Abbadon’s Gate.

Buckle up!


K thx baieee!!!

(I think that’s how it goes. ;-) In the meantime I’m watching the latest episode of Colony, a criminally underrated series.)


I just bought an Amazon fire stick, so I’ve been checking out more Amazon prime offerings, since I hate watching TV or movies on the computer, and now I don’t need to.I noticed tonight that they are offering 5 seasons of this. I love the books, is it worth investing in us? Do they properly handle the Belter’s physical differences or is it hand waved away? Almost everything I’ve seen on sy-fy was done on the cheap, and not worth my while.


Hmm, I don’t know how there could already be 5 seasons-- isn’t the just-concluded one on SiFy the third?

I haven’t read the books but the series has been fantastic from a viewer-only perspective. Production values have been top-notch.


My bad, it is indeed 3 seasons. 5 seasons was The Americans.


Ah. BTW, that show kicks ass. I watched it from start to finish as it was airing.


Can’t go wrong with The Americans or The Expanse.


Watch them both! Two of my favorites.


Just finished watching the season finale. Wow was that a hell of a ride.


Is there anything else going on with the protomolecule bit on the Roci other than the fact that it’s probably how “Miller” communicated with Holden?

Just looking for a show answer. If you read the books please just answer with “yes there’s more to it” or “no that’s it” :-)