The Expanse (SyFy)


As I recall, no thats pretty much it. But then its been a few years since I read the book and I can barely recall what I had for breakfast today so…


The show overall has been very well done visually. As good as BSG was. They show a belter that looks like the book describes a couple of times but overall their just humans with the heavy accents and tattoos. I don’t mind it though. To many characters to show that I’m sure would just be too expensive. Some compromises have to be made.

It’s still a must watch IMO if your a SciFi fan. One of the best genre shows in years.


I watched the first show tonight. Agree that they made some effort to make the belters look like belters, and the production quality was much better than the old sci-fi channels I occasionally watched.

Only downside was I thought Holden was way way too young, but maybe he’ll grow on me.

I just need to figure out why I’m getting audio problems with all shows that I’m getting with my new Fire Stick!!


A lot of book readers had similar complaints with the portrayal of Holden during at least the first half of season 1. I counted myself among them but he definitely grew on me.

I thought Amos looked too young too, but he does a fantastic job.


Heh in many ways, the entire show could be titled “The Evolution of Amos.” Its a tossup between him and Bobby for best character.


I always include Avasarlaha as a favorite. She’s not a big regular and was gone most of the second half this year, but whenever Shohreh is onscreen she takes center stage. Hope she’s back more next season.


She will be. I saw an interview with the showrunner, and he assured us she’s prominent next season.

It’s absolutely a three-way tie for best character between her, Amos and Bobbie.


That’s awesome to hear. I was worried that Shohreh Aghdashloo might be too big of a name to retain for this long. Or at least, if she’s not hugely in demand now, she should be, but for the meantime I guess I’m glad she’s not :-)


I dunno who gets to be bard and cleric yet. Wait Alex has to be the Cleric he’s always nice.



Amos - Berzerker, CN
Holden - Paladin (duh)
Naomi - Uh, she’s a gnome Rogue, more trap-specced than combat
Alex: He’s the Bard. Always got those headphones on, peacemaker type


I too thought the actor seemed young, but recently, James Corey posted the below:

And further confirmed on Twitter that Holden was 30 in Leviathan Wakes.


I always figured he was around 30 from the books. I actually thought Thomas Jane as Miller was too young.


I’d ban you for this post if this was my board.

TJ was another example of The Expanse’s perfect casting … except for Holden :)


Just FYI - “James Corey” as a person doesn’t actually exist.

James S. A. Corey is the pen name used by collaborators Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. The first and last name are taken from Abraham’s and Franck’s middle names, respectively, and S. A. are the initials of Abraham’s daughter.


Don’t ban me! I liked Jane, but I always pictured Miller as older and more grizzled. Like a Brian Dennehy type.





I actually was aware of that, but I didn’t feel like typing in “they” nor “the people managing the official James SA Corey twitter account”.

I guess treat it like when we say “Syfy posted”.


I’m enjoying how they are streamlining the book, though there are a few odd changes. I found Ashford to be a much more sympathetic character in the show (well, right up till he went homicidal) than the book. It’s interesting that they also show a new bond between Amos and the pastor, which wasn’t there in the book.
Also, speaking of badasses, I love Camina Drummer. Has the show made any mention of her husband yet?


Not that I noticed, instead I felt the show was implying she was into Naomi?


Okay, Alex has to be the Cleric. Dwarf is a pretty nice guy too, also left his family and home, and has a funny accent.

The problem is this leaves Bobbie to be the bard. Bobbie is actually competent. Maybe it’s cucumber-sandwiches version of Bobbie.

As for Drummer/Naomi, oh yeah they were totally implying she had a thing for her. What’s unclear is whether Naomi had a thing back.