The Expanse (SyFy)


I am going through the thread and saw this. This is me exactly, I assumed it was just a problem with my Firestick, but I guess not!


I think you must have missed something when she was introduced. I always pictured her as Polynesian. The authors even spent some time on that being the reason she was so huge.

(I haven’t seen the TV show yet, I’m just talking about the books).


They also mention it again in book 4, which I’m reading right now, and when they mention her family/brothers.


Book 4 is my favorite.

I got stuck on Book 6 though, when they spend so much time with new characters, I just got lost, and it’s hard to go back and figure out who these new characters are when you have big gaps between readings.


Yes that was my favorite so far. I mean I really hated Murtry, wanted Holden to destroy him. Of course, he is a better person than me lol
Actually gasp its book 5 they mention her family. I’m reading book 5 already. What did you think of this one Rocky? I didn’t like it as much, though all the stories about Amos were my favorite, his banter with “Chrissy” had me laughing out loud. He’s now my favorite character in the books, even above Holden.


Clearly I missed it. And I even read the short story with her all huge family.

I think it was the name Draper,in part.


Maybe you’re just Mad, man.


I’m almost at the end of the second season and them talking about the Caliban project(a term I absolutely do not remember used in the book) makes me throw out a question for those who have also read the books:

What the heck do the titles mean?I have read every book out, and some of the short stories, and I mean they seem to have almost no connection to the actual book! Sure, there is a war in Caliban’s War, but what does whomever Caliban might be have to do with the book’s story?

Same with Babylon, Cibola, Leviathan. Persepolis etc.

There is clearly a theme with the titles that I am completely missing…



Okay, I’m about half dozen shows into the 3rd season. It seems that they have decided to include large variations of the books in this one.

Most have gone off pretty well, but Holden’s strange encounter was done much, much, much better in the books.

How can they leave out “We’ve got to talk”…?


Just finished season 3, and man I loved it. It had some poor moments and started out slow (for someone who had no idea about the story going in) but it ended up great.

I also see why it was cancelled. That can’t have been cheap to make.

Now I want to read the book.


Didn’t another network pick up the show? Netflix maybe?


It was Amazon - woohoo!
So it’s actually coming back for season 4 with a bigger budget and no censorship.
No more bad dubbing of “forget you” ;)


Well at least when it goes on streaming platforms like Netflix it’s actually uncensored too, which kind of surprised me for some reason.

But yeah hopefully a bigger budget and no major censorship.

— Alan


Considering I saw it while in India via Netflix, I was unaware of said censoring!

Now I know.


The books are amazing. Go read them all! Even the novellas! ESPECIALLY the one about Amos.


So I will need an Amazon subscription to watch it now or wait until it shows up on Netflix, if ever?


Looks like it’ll be Prime only in the US.



It’s a Prime Video exclusive series now.


Hmmm. A “friend” says it’s an ETTV exclusive, now; )