The Expanse (SyFy)


Drummer is awesome too. I thought she was gonna die but was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t. And David Straithairn is brilliant of course.


Just recently got hooked on this and was a bit dismayed to see Amazon only has the first two seasons free. I went to Syfy and they only have episodes 9-13. I really don’t want to buy episodes 1-8 for season 3. Do you think when season 4 launches they will stream 3 for free for Prime members?

I think this is the best science fiction TV series I’ve seen.

Edit. Found an answer. Not sure when season 4 will air but apparently season 3 will be free on Prime on Feb 8.


I tried jumping into Season 2 midway through the airing, but SyFy had already removed the first few episodes from their website (via my cable subscription), so I gave up. This was a long time ago, but I was really disappointed. :(

I will wait and see if Amazon Prime will let me watch all four seasons with one subscription.


Seasons 1 and 2 are on Prime now, and 3 will debut on Feb 8. Season 4 will be available sometime in '19 but they haven’t given a date yet. So to answer your question, yes, Prime will let you do that. Soon.


Imported the US Blu-Ray just a week before they announced all the old seasons would soon be up on Prime. Oh well.

I have to say, while I still really like the show, I like it much less now than I did at the start. I signed up for the relatively grounded sci-fi and the politico-cultural dynamics of the first season, not magic alien tech. And certainly not another fucking precursor race story if that is in fact where this is heading.


I must admit I felt that a bit after the end of Season 1 myself, but I’ve rolled with it, and now I kind of like the way the series has … expanded into the, er, Expanse.


I hear you, and understand completely. I do think though that the writers have done an excellent job of merging the two aspects so that they build off one another instead of being two separate pieces of the same story.

Without using spoilers, I’ll just say that where we ended this most recent season left me feeling like a lot of the immediate political conflict is resolved in the face of the new developments, but that the underlying tensions are still there, and can be mined for drama on a more personal scale if the story heads where it seems to be headed. I’ve never read the books, and don’t plan to, so I could be completely wrong. Regardless, The Expanse is some of the best television Sci-Fi I’ve seen in the past decade or so, and I hope there is plenty more story to come thanks to Amazon.


Well there’s a lot more real estate to fight over now. Also the dynamics have changed considerably. Martian culture was all about terraforming a dead world; now there’s a whole lot of new worlds out there some of them probably habitable. What does this do to their politics?

Same thing for the belters. Who needs asteroid miners when there’s entire new worlds to strip-mine?

Without trying to spoil let’s just say the authors have thought of these questions.


At long last, season 3 popped up on Prime over here. Watched it, enjoyed it. Definitely need to re-cap the earlier seasons though at some point due to the long gap between S2 and S3 over here.

Not a big fan of Jon Snowlden slowly becoming some enlightened Space Jesus - especially since Steven Strait still seems like the weakest part of the show’s cast. There’s only so much meandering between 3 states of scowl I can take. Still dig most of the other actors and actresses though, and I was delighted to see David Strathairn come aboard.

I’m guessing Holden seeing Miller is something taken from the books and not something the show did to have Tom Jane around for some episodes?


Yes, that is a thing in the books.




He’s the weakest link in the books too, so it’s likely intentional.


Just finished season 3 and it’s a truly great SF series. As others have said, Holden is my least favorite character. Too bad he’s lead character. Amos and Bobby are two of my favorites. Miller is great too. I like Alex and Drummer. Naomi is all right. Ashford is fun too.

I hope we get to see more of Anderson Dawes in season 4. He’s a bit of a villain but he really commands the scenes he’s in.

Where the series is going is interesting, which is where the books go I’m sure, but I miss the gritty feel of season 1 when it was Belters, Mars, and Earth. The political dynamics, the stuff about the Belt with its stations and rock hoppers, Mars with its warlike culture, was really an interesting world.


Got about halfway through S3 in one sitting last night. Man, this is way back into awesome after I felt like S2 kinda meandered a bit with Miller’s whole post-Eros storyline.

I freaking love the way they do Belter cant. Just adore it. It sounds so cooooool.

Alex has been really great so far this season as well. And Bobby. And Amos. Dang, I just love some of these characters.

Except for Holden. Ye gods. He sucks so bad. He’s always just kinda sweaty and exasperated and just suuuuuucks.


Yeah, me too. The weird thing is Naomi is a Belter so where did her accent come from?

Now the Martian accent is all over the place. You have Alex with his twang and Bobby with her New Zealand accent and then other characters with a standard American accent.

I am so tired of Holden’s face and glum expression. I’m sorry, glum is not serious. It’s just glum.


There’s a few different ethnic/cultural groups involved in the Mars colonization effort. Alex is from the Mariner Valley, Bobby is from a different colony, though I forget which one.


Finished S3. Awesome stuff. Holden sucks, obviously, but Bobby makes up for it.


I enjoyed S3, but I’m really afraid of where they go from here. The books go off the deep edge and just become shite at this point, and if they follow them closely I can’t see a way that even this incredibly talented set of actors/creatives can make season 4 anything but terrible.

I read the books start from finish after the end of Season 3, and they really created absolute magic from some fairly humdrum SciFi.