The Expendables 4 (2022): Statham, Stallone, Lundgren...and Fox? The plot is unknown.

Wow, I never even saw the third one.

Really? Does it even matter?

50 Cent gonna be the grenade specialist

“They’ll die when they’re dead.”


Stallone has to be removed so they can have am Expendables 5. So they will be dead (probably what everyone is thinking anyway - kill off all the old actors). My guess anyhoo.

Look, the pandemic was hard on many industries. Apparently there’s a team of fourth graders writing the script.

Apparently the word expendable doesn’t mean what they think it means.

Huh, I never saw the third one because the second was sooooo not fun.

I saw the 3rd one, but totally forgot everything that happened in it.

I pretty sure I saw them all and enjoyed them but have also entirely forgotten what they were about.

A little presumptuous to think we would know that Fox and Garcia are Megan and Andy. I’d forgive them if that second credit was “Cent”.

I liked the third one, but I’m easily satisfied by most action movies.

I seem to recall the 2nd one was considered better and the 3rd one had a more mixed reaction, although I don’t remember the 2nd one at all. I remember the 3rd one had a younger crew and an older crew and I thought it had an interesting enough premise and decent action.

FWIW Rotten Tomatoes has the original Expendables 1 at 42%, Expendables 2 at 67%, and Expendables 3 at 31%.

Here you go:

I still haven’t seen Expendables 4, but I was today years old when I found this out:

I caved and rented it with some spare amazon credits I had, overall it was ok. If you like the previous three films you’ll like this. Almost non-existent story, lots of explosions and kills.

Light on Stallone screen time, heavy on Statham screen time.

Dolph Lundgren looks way older than his real age in this, must have been a rough 10 years since Expendables 3, also his part was also pretty small for being one of the core team left.

Megan Fox still has zero acting ability, I am amazed she still gets roles in movies.

I watched this last night on Starz. I was very bored with the first half, but then there’s some pretty good Statham action scenes. It would’ve been nice to see more of the actors doing stuff.

Yeah, she was surprisingly worse than I expected.

I hope Expendable5 & Expenda6les are better.

I’m unsure why, but my wife and son have been binging this series. Inexplicably, they started with 4 and worked their way backward.

It’s probably for the best.