The Falconeer: fly and fight over an open world created by 1 man

I mentioned the game in the Xbox thread. However, as it’s coming out both on Xbox and PC (MS store and Steam) hopefully this year and looks very unique, I think it deserves its own thread.

I completely missed any mention of it after X019. But seeing it in motion and hearing about the gameplay, this sounds right up my alley.

I’m looking forward to more info about this one.

In the meantime here is the official website:

And my response over there.

Agreed. Also, the fact he is targeting 60FPS on One S and One X (and obviously PC) should make for very smooth flying.

More info on Reddit from the dev on what is meant by the “1 man team”:

I work with a talented composer , Benedict Nichols. Who is also scoring omno by the way.

For the rest core development is just me, I’ve been in the industry for close to twenty years, so there is a lot of accumulated experience there. But I’m also making what I want for the first time which is super motivating.

That said the publisher wired assists in many ways as well in getting the game out there. From marketing to QA and platform stuff.

But yeah all game art production, modelling animating and coding is just me.

I can’t explain it myself very well. But things like the visual style I’ve been developing for seven years and the gameplay itself for three, so just time itself helps.

It’s pretty awesome. As a software developer myself, though on the business side, I wouldn’t know where to start.

This is a man I can relate to. Just doing his own thing, his way, no real outside help (other than the general infrastructure of society, which is absolutely important- I’m not trying to make an “I built that” argument here).

I heard the dude in the video saying things like “from the mind of one man”, but then also “Microsoft took an interest and gave him the resources to carry his vision out” and wondered if there was some obfuscation there. Nope. Really neat.

Haha, in that thread here’s another quote:

It’s an air combat game, quite similar in gameplay and controls to say Crimson skies. (sorry if that’s a bit old , so am I)

So it’s basically an open world arcadey flight sim, featuring warriors on top of giant birds.

here’s the official xbox trailer

Called it! Sold!

Holy cow this game looks brilliantly gorgeous.

Hi everyone, Just googled myself into your thread and forum. I’m the developer of the Falconeer ,Tomas Sala.

I hope that’s ok, I do enjoy chatting to people about the game I’m making; The Falconeer. And after reading Tom Chick’s patreon introduction, this seems like an agreeable place to do so. I’m a bit of a wanderer, so if that kind of behavior is outside the scope of your community please let me know.

If you have any questions on the game let me know, it’s seems you’ve looked around a fair bit for info, but there’s probably no easier to way to get your questions answered than to ask me ;)

I also live on twitter a lot, and if you like lots of regular gifs from the game with lore quote’s’ just follow (if self promotion is frowned upon, let me know, wasn’t mentioned in the faq, so i’ll give it a go).

here’s a newimage from a build much more recent than the one seen in the digital foundry footage.(that was from october/november after all)

I re-discovered grey/greens is a color combination I love. ;)

well that’s for the introduction, I’ll see if I can figure out how to receive email notifications on this thread, for if there are questions.


Well how about that? Speak of the Falconeer, the developer appears! Looks like a cool game Tomas, will definitely be keeping an eye on it.

Definitely following this one now! Can’t believe something so cool looking and I’ve never heard anything about it till this thread.

I’ve no idea why, and I’ll be the first to admit it makes no sense, but the first think in watching the video I thought of was Magic Carpet.

Camera control is make or break on this one. Any thoughts on that?

ha magic carpet, strangely you are not the first to mention that. I am very much a child of that era, so who knows

Well I can’t seem to share any gifs here so its best to check out some on my twitter timeline, but everything in motion is grabbed just from gameplay (you can hide the gui as an option)

So that means on a lot of gifs its just me transitioning from a smooth follow cam straight into an orbit cam or a target tracking cam. These are all interpolated, so they transition smoothly and can even combine depending on your button presses.

for gamepad i’ve now got the default mapped as follows.
left stick = flight controls
right stick = cam orbit
right stick down = tracking cam of current target.

I am going to test later if people prefer a tracking cam toggle instead of a press, so you don’t need to keep the button pressed. but I find that can create situations where the cam is looking away from the motion, and the player just hits something, breaking immersion… badly

anyways check out a gif like this one

or this :

the first one, mostly orbit cam
the later one mostly follow cam with some tracking at the end and beginning.

GIfs aren’t showing just click the link ;)

@Don_Quixote I completely understand (also seem to have hit my 3 reply limit) it’s always a bit of a balancing act. I am a focused guy, and whilst developing I have little headspace for anything besides the falconeer. So that limits the usefulness of myself as a community member.

I’d love to host my own thread here and post updates and answer questions. But too be 100% honest I do that at a number of communities, so it will always have a promotional aspect. Besides that actually really do enjoy the feedback, positive and negative, and it helps me find problem area’s I might overlook with my own tunnel vision.

I’ refer to the judgement of @tomchick and would happily setup a thread if invited, but appreciated that communities can be fragile and need to be cherished. ;) so no worries.

Last time I battled atop a giant bird was In the 80’s with a little arcade game called Joust. Looking forward to this.

I’ll reiterate now that you’re here- the game looks great, right up my alley. And being a child of the Magic Carpet/Crimson Skies era means you fit squarely in the middle of the age demographic here, heh.

We do have a few devs around here who mostly post in their own game threads- @tbaldree with his Rebel Galaxy stuff for example (someone you seemingly have more than a little in common with!). But we do prefer people to be wider members of the community, if possible, and not just use this place as marketing. @tomchick has the final say on things like that though.

Those gifs look great!

Haha, we don’t set up new threads here- just endlessly necro, recycle, and and digress with the ones we have. The fact that you already got a dedicated thread is amazing. It’s not that we can’t, we just don’t. Longstanding tradition.

That 15 year thread necro a few months ago for an offhand comment was legendary.

We’re you at Pax East last year? My son played a bird game in the indie area for quite some time that looks very similar in style to this.

This looks amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on it day 1. I hope the gameplay mechanics are as elegant as the graphical style.

Thanks for turning me onto Sherry Dyanne. Holy smokes she sings so awesome. I’ve been listening to her stuff for the last hour.

Will anymore of her music be featured in the game?